4 Ways to Style Your Ponytail Haircut

No matter the length or thickness of your locks, if they contain layers then chances are it’s time for a trim. To trim layers yourself at home start by dampening and cleaning your strands first. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, using either thinning shears or regular scissors, and use this technique to soften layers and make them blend more seamlessly into one another. This will soften them over time.

1. Long Layers

Long layers can create a soft and sensuous style that suits all face shapes and hair types. In particular, they add volume and dimension to fine or thin locks, making styling simpler. Long layers can add depth and drama to any style – whether that means wearing your hair in a low ponytail, down half-up, or wearing it down in long locks. Add highlights and lowlights for even more drama! Katy Perry fans know she can’t imagine life without layers – from her signature blowouts to pixie cuts, layering is an integral component of her fabulous looks.

2. Short Layers

Short layers can be an ideal way to give flat styles more body and volume while defining and shaping curly locks for an interesting twist. Short layers also make an excellent way to switch up straight or blunt cuts without compromising length. Short strands can also help people who prefer staying cool during the heat of summer and are tired of dealing with long locks tumbling into their faces. Shorter locks can easily be tucked behind ears or into ponytails and still leave some stylish wisps out for added style. Curtain bangs work particularly well when worn with this style of layered cut and can flatter nearly every facial structure by slimming and adding dimension. Try experimenting with side partings or framing eyes if you wish – this style looks great both casually and formally!

3. Side Layers

Add face-framing layers to your layered ponytail for a flattering and on-trend look with this easy DIY haircut, suitable for bobs, lobs, and shoulder-length hair. Wear casually or add glamour with Joan Smalls’ iconic style – featuring her wavy bob and long, evenly cut face-framing layers that make her style stand out. To achieve this look, create a high ponytail and slowly slide down until you reach the spot where you want to begin cutting layers. Use thinning shears or the tip of your scissors to trim away from your ponytail all those layers you intend on trimming down and away from it. Internal layering is another similar layering technique. Ideal for those with fine or thin hair, internal layering creates an ultra edgy look while being easy to manage and style. Unlike regular layers hair techniques, however, internal layering requires cutting only certain sections for an invisible effect.

4. Short Bangs

Bangs can make or break the look of a ponytail haircut. A face-framing fringe that frames the face looks stylish when pulled back into a low ponytail or tucked behind your ears; alternatively, it can be worn straight with texturizing product for an edgier style. An angled, longer haircut with bangs can create a dramatic look, particularly if your hair color is bold like black. Tie this style up into a high ponytail or let it frame your face for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Pull your short bangs back into a pineapple ponytail for an eye-catching, flattering look that shows off your makeup and features without competing with them. In addition, this style helps prevent stringy mess since your strands don’t absorb as much grease during the day.