The 4 Haircut Lengths for Men

If you’re trying out ultra-short haircuts for the first time, a 4 can be an ideal starting point. This length leaves slightly more hair than a 2, but less than a 3 haircut. This cut is also suitable for anyone seeking a tapered appearance; trimming down to a 4 on both the back and sides is enough to achieve this look.

It’s Short Enough to Change the Face Shape

An issue associated with going too short with their hairstyle is making their face appear rounder than usual, which may come as something of a shock when men first see themselves with this sort of lock. To counteract this effect, try wearing a comb or pomade to add height up top and create some volume to lengthen and round off your face shape. This may help elongate it further and close off any corners that might otherwise have an awkward edge. This style can be a good solution for those with round face shapes as it often produces more flattering results than short, straight, or blunt bob haircuts. Additionally, heart-shaped faces may benefit from having their jawlines more defined due to the chiselled contouring of chin and jawline areas. Faded sides and back hair may help achieve similar effects as an all-over 4 haircut would do – think skin fade, 2 disappears, and 3s, which all produce tapered results around the jawline and face area.

It’s Not Too Short

The 4-cut length provides just enough hair for styling different looks such as fades, side-part styles, and pompadours while remaining short enough not to reveal your scalp if you decide to go even faster with your next haircut. Additionally, this cut may help those transitioning from long locks into short styles more gradually, as an abrupt jump to 3 may prove too much of a shock to their system and lead to disappointment with their result.