5 Cute 3-Year-Old Hairstyles For Girls

This sweet style features a double puff with bows for a beautiful finish. It is the perfect way to showcase her natural curls!

Top Knot Cornrows

This adorable style is an easy and stylish way to keep her bangs out of her face and away from potential distractions. Before creating this look, spritz her hair with leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz and keep the style from becoming frizzy.

Chunky Twists

One effective way of showing your toddler that they are beautiful and unique is through her hair. One cute way of doing this is tying her locks into kinky flat twists that end in a side bun.

Double Bun or Afro Puffs

Little girls with bobbed, lobbed, or medium-length locks can benefit from having their strands cut straight across their forehead for a pretty fringe that frames their face. This style also works great on older children who possess long locks.

Sleek Top Bun

Your child can make a stylish yet simple hairstyle by braiding her hair onto one side and bundling it into a small bun, adding some flair by tucking the end of it inside for added style. This hairdo works particularly well for kids who have short locks.

Mini Bantu knots

Mini Bantu knots are an attractive and fun hairstyle suitable for girls of all hair types and can be achieved effortlessly.


This hairstyle is ideal for toddler girls with thin, limp locks. It helps keep their locks away from their face while remaining easy to manage while they play and run around. Comb their locks to one side, make a small pigtail at the base, and secure it with ribbon or a rubber band to complete this stylish look!