Cute 3-Year-Old Hairstyles for Your Girl

As parents are busy getting the children dressed, cooking breakfast, and packing lunches for school, hair often takes second place in other priorities. With these cute 3-year-old hairstyles, you can give her a new look in minutes!

Make an Off-Center Partition

Make an off-center partition using the tail of a rat-tail comb and secure each section into high pigtails using colorful elastic hair bands.

Afro Puffs

Try this double puff style for a stunning yet low-maintenance hairstyle suitable for black kids with long locks. Complete the look by accessorizing with adorable bows! Add cornrows or bangs for an edge to make the style even more stylish. Add a lovely finishing touch by using hair clips or bungee bands as accessories to secure her style. Ensure they’re soft on her delicate locks to avoid pulling too hard! Bungee Bands are easy and comfortable for everyday wear – and machine washable!

Two-Strand Twists

Two-strand twists are a trendy style for natural hair. They are versatile, easy to install, can last long depending on their thickness, and protect from environmental factors. Plus, they look cute! They can even be personalized by adding stylish accessories! To achieve this look, separate your toddler’s hair into sections before twisting each section. Once complete, add a cute headband or bow for added effect. Installing this protective hairstyle can take 30 minutes to three hours, depending on how fast your hands work.

Pigtail Twists

Pigtails are ideal for three-year-old girls with long or medium-length hair who want something simple yet adorable for school. Making one is easy and cute. Add accessories or braids for added flair. Crisscrossing braids offer a more elaborate take on traditional pigtails. Simply grab two broad sections of your daughter’s hair and braid them back until they reach her crown, securing each braid with an elastic for secure hold – now she’ll be ready to go! As another creative pigtail variation, try pulling one of her shorter strands under and across from the right pigtail for an alternative pigtail style that blends shorter pieces more seamlessly with her longer ones. This will allow shorter ones to blend naturally into her pigtails instead of sticking out.

Sleek Top Bun

A sleek top bun can make any young girl look stunningly adorable. Ideal for long-haired girls with all face shapes, you can also accessorize this style with headbands or flowers for added flair. If you prefer something simpler, why not try this stacked knot? Not only is it beautiful, but its maintenance requires far less effort! Cornrow styles offer another stylish solution for long locks.

Side French Braid

For an adorable yet easy toddler hairstyle, try a side French braid. Take a large section of hair and French braid each side until the ends, adding new strands so the braid looks fuller and more intricate. Add an elegant finishing touch with a beautiful bow or kids’ hair accessories. Complement her ensemble with a matching designer purse and sneakers for an ensemble she will adore! This adorable toddler hairstyle is ideal for children with medium-length locks. Accessorizing it with a colorful bow makes this style even more attractive while pairing perfectly with sleeveless dresses and skirts from the summer wardrobe. Suitable Season: Summer.