Growth Male – 3 Months hair Growth

1. Scalp Exfoliation

As with the rest of your body, your scalp needs extra help in exfoliation to shed dead skin cells and prevent buildup. According to Gretchen Friese, Certified Trichologist with BosleyMD, scalp exfoliation may reduce chances of dandruff, product buildup, oiliness, or itchiness as a preventive measure. She suggests adding physical (such as scrub) or chemical (such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid) scalp exfoliants to your daily shampoo routine for gentle cleansing.

Exfoliation helps hair products penetrate more effectively into your scalp and facilitate healthy hair growth. Try an Ayurvedic recipe for exfoliating your scalp: Soak two tablespoons of Reetha and Shikakai powder in a small amount of water overnight and mix one teaspoon of Amla with it when waking up, scrubbing away!

2. Scalp Massage

As cultivating the soil and roots of a plant nourishes its leaves, scalp massage can work wonders for your hair. It can boost follicles, help reduce dandruff issues, and even promote thicker locks! Scalp massage helps stimulate skin appendages, blood vessels, and nerves of the scalp to improve circulation, activating genes responsible for thick hair and speeding up the anagen phase (growth phase).

To maximize its benefits, scalp massage should be performed daily using either your hands or a scalp massager – whether in the shower, watching TV, or before bedtime. Care must be taken not to rub too hard, which could cause hair strands to split. In addition, use an herbal-infused scalp oil and do a patch test before starting to massage your head.