Tapered Men’s 3 Haircut

Easy to maintain

A number 3 haircut is ideal for men looking to maintain healthy, attractive locks without spending too much time. It provides a stylish everyday style and can easily be adjusted with fades and side-to-back variations for added variation and customization. Furthermore, explaining this look to your barber makes the number 3 one of the easiest in terms of maintenance! Furthermore, its edgy aesthetic makes this style very desirable!

Easy to style

This haircut is an excellent option for anyone wanting a short and stylish cut, allowing them to experiment with various looks, such as classic crew cuts or slicked-back styles. Additionally, the tapered style requires using smaller clipper sizes while maintaining length on top. Your fade height options range from low to mid to high, depending on your desired look and personal taste. In addition, try either a sharp or gradual neckline, depending on what fits best with your unique style and preference.

Easy to explain to the barber

Communicate to the barber about what type of haircut you want. This will ensure your barber understands precisely what style is desired – bring along photos for reference, as this can help your barber make informed decisions and provide precisely what you are asking for! Instagram and Pinterest can give great hairstyle ideas. For example, be specific in whether or not a fade is desired and which neckline and sideburn styles best suit you. Make sure that your haircut fits into the lifestyle you lead. For instance, if you work as a construction worker and enjoy playing football on weekends with friends, then a long pompadour might be better for you.


A 3-cut is a trendy and versatile style for most face shapes. It can add volume to fine hair while pairing well with low or mid fades for texture and dimension or be styled into a quiff for an ultra-stylish finish – making this cut an excellent option for those with oval and round faces! Another popular variation of the number 3 haircut is the tapered style. This variation adds fades to both sides and nape, creating a sharp neckline that may be squared off or rounded depending on personal taste. You could also pair this look with a beard for an edgy edge! Many celebrities, like Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad fame, have adopted this hairstyle. It makes an ideal look simple to maintain and understand – remember to get regular trims so your style stays current!