3 2 1 fade haircut

A 3 2 1 fade haircut starts half-way up the head. The fade usually finishes at eyebrow-level and falls between a third and a half of the way down the sides. This style can frame the eyes nicely and is a good option for men who have longer heads. For those who have a short face, a fade is not ideal. A shorter style with a higher fade is best. For those with long faces, a shorter style with a high fade may work.

To give yourself a 3 2 1 fade haircut, you should begin by picking the spot where the next line will be located. This second line should be at about ear level. If you’re unsure whether you want a shorter fade or a longer one, it’s best to start with a short one. If you’re not sure how long you want that, you can always test it on a small part of your head first.