Choosing a 3 2 1 Fade Hairstyle

A three-fade is an excellent choice for men wanting a stylish look that requires minimal effort. It creates a striking contrast between longer hair on top and shorter sides, particularly suited for curly or wavy hair types. When going to the stylist, please bring a picture to help them understand your vision and bring it to life!


When selecting a fade, consider the level of intensity you prefer. You have three options – high, mid, and low. The choice will determine where the hair blends in. High fades usually sit above the temple, mid fades on or near the temple, and quiet fades slightly above the ears. Adding hair designs to a fade creates an eye-catching element and can range from simple shapes to intricate artwork.

A drop fade offers a distinct touch to any haircut, dropping the hair lower than a regular fade. It suits shorter or medium styles and complements daring looks like pompadours or styles with brushed-up fronts for maximum impact.


A taper fade is a more subtle variant of the fade haircut, giving a refined short back and sides look. It suits gentlemen seeking a more understated appearance and can complement almost any style worn on top. Barbers typically use clippers to gradually reduce the back and side hair length, allowing you to choose between low, mid, or high fade options.

Temple fades add a modern and tidy touch to any haircut, creating well-defined edges in the front. They pair well with military high and tight styles, making them ideal for showcasing tattoos.


Adding texture to the faded haircut creates an eye-catching style for men with long hair. Consistency makes the fade stand out and works well with top types such as pompadours or side-parted straight locks. A high fade, falling at or above ear level, is popular among younger men for its versatility with different top styles.

Mid fades are similar to high fades but with lower blending points, typically at the temples. They offer a clean and professional appearance, complementing any hairstyle on top. Describe or bring pictures to your barber to ensure your desired fade style.


A man bun fade haircut provides a unique, undercut-inspired appearance. Combining short back and sides with longer hair on top offers a customizable style that suits any facial structure. It works well with textured locks and requires less product while maintaining an effortlessly cool look.

Your barber can create a high or low skin fade based on your preference. A high skin fade involves shaving the lower part of your head with a 1 clipper guard and gradually tapering it to the desired length.

Temple fades give classic haircuts a stylish modern edge and make a statement with any hairstyle. They feature subtle tapering around the temples, offering a masculine and structured appearance. Remember that temple fades require frequent touch-ups as they grow out faster than other fade styles.