How to Care For 2B Curly Hair

Even though 2b hair may be less demanding than other textures, it can still experience frizz and flat roots. Utilizing appropriate products will allow you to maintain the gorgeous waves that voluminous waves can bring. To identify your 2b hair type, inspect a strand for its signature S-shape texture and look for signs indicating specific curl patterns corresponding to two blocks. By understanding your hair texture better and its specific curl patterns, this hair system can assist you in making informed decisions regarding products and styling advice.

Moisturizing shampoo:

2B hair can be identified by straighter strands at the roots that become wavier as you reach mid-lengths to ends. Lorraine Massey offers a shampoo designed to keep wavy locks hydrated and free of frizz, sulfates, silicones, or harmful chemicals. To maintain life-giving waves, it’s wise to wash your strands two or three times each week and utilize dry shampoo if necessary. Use a leave-in conditioner after showering and scrunch your locks for added definition. Scrunch with curl cream or mousse for an additional moisture boost.

Coconut mousse:

A moisturizing mousse can revive locks quickly and easily, regardless of texture. Look for one without drying alcohols or silicones. Coconut mousse makes an ideal dessert for special events or holiday parties. Combine cream and sugar until smooth, heat milk with gelatin until dissolved, then stir into whipped cream. Spread evenly between several jars and refrigerate overnight. Top with toasted coconut before serving.

Microfiber towel:

Use microfiber instead of regular cotton towels to reduce frizz and hair damage. They are lint-free and gentler on hair. They dry hair quicker than traditional towels and are more absorbent. Consider GSM, fabric type, and softness when selecting a microfiber towel.

Curl cream:

Look for a 2b hair moisturizer that keeps strands hydrated without becoming oily and is gentle on the scalp. Avoid products with silicone and sulfate, as they can strip natural oils from your locks, causing dryness and frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb to prevent damage. Enhance wild waves with light hair mousse, highlights, low buns, or baby braids. Plop overnight with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel for effortless style every morning. Use a lightweight mousse with flexible polymers for defined, touchable waves and frizz control.