27 Piece Hairstyles For Girls

Twenty-seven-piece hairstyles are perfect for girls looking for an easy way to add sexy volume without cutting their locks. Easy and uncomplicated to achieve, they can also be used multiple times.


Red 27-piece hairstyles add an eye-catching flair and a cyberpunk vibe to any look.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is an adorable hairstyle that complements anyone. With its short, sleek style and easily manageable nature, the bowl cut makes an excellent addition to any look and is easily maintained. This look features a tapered pixie cut with choppy layers and longer bangs that fall forward, with its unique features of shaved sides for an unconventional aesthetic – you could even dye its strands for an additional fun effect.

If you want to add some style and sophistication to your bowl cut, try adding bangs. This hairstyle will frame your face and emphasize good features while providing texture with a stylish finish. Light-hold pomade or wax will be great tools to achieve this look!


Wavy hairstyles add texture and volume and complement most face shapes. This 27-piece hairstyle will turn heads – make an impressionful statement about yourself on any occasion with this eye-catching style! Wavy locks make for the perfect style to show off your personality or set yourself apart from others.

This style works beautifully with any haircut but is especially elegant when combined with a blunt bob and bold baby bangs. The sleek styling fits in seamlessly with 27-piece hairstyles, while its shaved sides add dimension and dimension to your face.


Burgundy hair can make an eye-catching statement that will turn heads, complementing all textures and skin tones. Go all-out or keep things subdued by trying an ombre or dip dye technique, or mix with chocolate brown for an eye-catching deep shade that looks healthy and natural.

Burgundy highlights make a striking statement with long, straight tresses. Their vibrant pop of color stands out but remains professional enough for work environments. Here, dark burgundy highlights are offset with big curls and a V-cut for an irresistibly seductive style that’ll get noticed.


Green hairstyles can add an aesthetic that suits many skin tones, making this style perfect for those with curly or wavy locks. Furthermore, this look works equally well on short or long locks alike!

On the internet, you will find numerous variations of green hairstyles. Some can be more sexy, while others are more conservative; one sexy option would be a tapered pixie cut with feathered bangs for a sophisticated and classy look that will impress everyone at your next party.

An elegant version of the green hairstyle is a faded shortcut that adds volume to your face and is excellent for those with thin facial structures.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is an eye-catching hair color that complements most skin tones, making it suitable for special events and other occasions. There are various ways of styling it, such as adding highlights or lowlights; this hue works beautifully with a pixie haircut.

Long platinum blonde bobs are eye-catching styles that look incredibly flattering on women with pale to medium complexions. Maintaining this look requires only light hairspray to avoid becoming brassy over time.

A platinum blonde fade with a layered pixie cut is perfect if you prefer something a bit more casual. Combining short and long layers creates an eye-catching style perfect for any special event or day of the week.

Electric Blue

Kylie Jenner and other celebrities have recently been making waves with the trend of blue and purple hair, which looks great on those with cooler skin tones. This color combination creates an eye-catching, sexy, moody look; another option is a dark blue ombre that fades to frosty purple. Peekaboo highlights can add extra personality when styled into half-up or knotted updos for added impact.

This trendy blue-black idea boasts a fabulous pastel shade on all hair lengths. Your coworkers and friends will surely envy this beautiful hairstyle!


Natural redheads are rare, so you should be proud to flaunt this bold and striking shade. Red hair has never looked more stunning, thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Justine Skye, Zendaya, and Sophie Turner (plus others who don’t consider themselves redheads!). From copper ombre looks to toned-down rust shades, there are so many choices for red hair–ranging from peach cobbler hues to sangria spice and even mulled wine hues!