Short Hairstyles of 2021

An effortless short style adds a great dose of freshness and polish to your overall appearance. It requires little maintenance and can be worn with any look. Whether you want extra volume or a professional look, there is a short hairstyle for you.

360 Waves

The 360 Waves Hairstyle is a popular pattern on short, afro-textured hair. It creates ripple-like effects. This versatile style can be worn in many ways. To achieve natural-looking waves, pomade is essential. It helps in smooth wave formation and moisture retention. Wearing a du rag is also crucial as it protects moisture levels and speeds up the construction of new waves. Perfect for men with curly or kinky hair, the 360 Waves hairstyle takes time and patience. Brushing regularly is necessary to create waves with the desired depth.

Short Quiff

A short quiff hairstyle adds height to the front of the head without being too attention-grabbing. It can be worn shorter on the sides and back, while the show has one to two inches of coiffed hair. The size of the quiff can vary according to personal preference.

Women’s hair Color Ideas

This stunning platinum pixie crop features blended sides and a short, jagged fringe with lots of texture on top. Adding pomade to this style provides structure and definition, perfect for business professionals. The modern pixie cut is a versatile option for those wanting short hair without fully committing to a traditional one. It can be styled in various ways and combined with different colors for an eye-catching look.

Sienna Miller’s Chic Blonde Pixie Cut

Sienna Miller looks radiant with her chic blonde pixie cut that showcases her blue eyes and smile. This style can be easily styled with gel or hairspray for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Natalie Portman also rocks a beautiful pixie cut in V for Vendetta. The piecey texture adds dimension to her facial features while complementing her striking eyes and strong jawline.

Long Side-Swept Bangs with Pixie Cut

Try a pixie cut with long side-swept bangs that frame the face and add femininity for a timeless look. This style works for any occasion, from casual brunch dates to formal events. Apply styling products before adding bangs for a complete look.

Edgy Pixie Cut

Try an edgy pixie cut with spiky or curly styles if you want something bolder. This haircut adds personality to your style and is excellent for thin locks that tend to flatten out over time. Take inspiration from Kate Moss, who has sported various pixie looks, from peroxide blonde to soft pink New Romantics variations.

Silver-Grey Pixie Cut

Consider opting for a silver-grey version for a bold and beautiful pixie cut. The contrast between dark roots and bleached ends creates a striking look.