Classic Combover

The classic combover, popularized in the 90s by musicians and actors, is a timeless haircut featuring short sides and longer hair at the crown. It can also be adapted for those with medium-length locks.


The undercut is a highly sought-after men’s haircut for 2021. It involves longer layers on top and shorter sides and back. This style can be customized in various ways to make a statement. While maintenance is easy with regular trims, it may not be suitable for more conservative environments.

Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade is rapidly gaining popularity as a versatile men’s hairstyle. It offers multiple styling options and helps conceal receding hairlines. However, it may be challenging to achieve with thin or fine hair.


Fade haircuts are a favorite among men, providing a sleek and polished look. They also allow for creative expression through hair designs or patterns. When selecting a barber or stylist for a fade haircut, ensure they understand different fade styles to recommend the most suitable one.

Long Comb Over

The long comb-over is a versatile haircut that will remain trendy in 2021 and 2022. It offers a contemporary, bright look and can be styled into quiff or fringe styles. This haircut is ideal for taming wavy hair textures and managing thicker locks.

Side Slicked Haircut

The side-swept haircut is a timeless and easy-to-wear style that looks good with any outfit. It is suitable for long or medium-length locks and can be styled using various products for different looks. This hairstyle is popular among professionals and is low maintenance.

Long Hair

Long hair adds beauty and personality to men, softening their features and creating proportions. It offers versatility and can be styled in braids or ponytails for special occasions. Long locks require less frequent washing, making them less maintenance-intensive.

Bun Fade Men’s Cut

The bun fade is a fashionable and modern style combining a low or mid fade with longer hair. It looks great with a quiff or fringe and requires minimal upkeep, making it perfect for busy individuals.