Top 5 2021 Bob Hairstyles

1. Loose Waves

– Add loose waves to your bob for a soft and flattering style.

– Works on both short and longer bobs.

– Use texture spray for a beachy effect.

– Ideal for round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

2. Side-Pasted Bob

– A versatile bob haircut that can be styled as desired.

– Cut hair to shoulder-length and add texture.

– Works well on round face shapes.

– Try a layered bob with stacked curls and side-swept bangs.

3. Rounded Undercut

– Upgrade your style with a rounded undercut.

– Ideal for thin hair, it creates the illusion of volume.

– Looks stunning in dark hues.

– For thicker locks, wear a layered bob cut to add dimension.

4. Thick Hair

– A bob haircut can add volume and reduce frizz for thick hair.

– Try a wavy bob or add texture with curling irons or texturizing spray.

– Experiment with choppy layers or asymmetrical fringes.

– Finish with volumizing hair serum for optimal shape.

5. Money Piece Hair

– A trendy highlighting technique for an eye-catching framing effect.

– Works for different hair colors and lengths, including bobs.

– Bold pink hues for a statement or subtle blends for a natural look.

– Adds pops of color without full bleach or dye commitment.

These top 5 bob hairstyles offer versatility and style, perfect for complementing your sense of fashion. So, grab your brush and start styling!