New Hairstyles for 2020

The Shag Mullet

Shaggy haircuts and mullets are back! This effortless hairstyle is easy to style and suitable for all hair textures. Kaia Gerber sports her shaggy mullet perfectly, while faux hawk looks to offer more edge. Remember to have an in-depth consultation with each client so you can understand their desired styling preferences when providing their shaggy mullets!

TikTok users have trended the “WolfCut,” an extreme variation on a shag mullet with fringe bangs, short sides, and a long back for a Joan Jett-inspired hairdo. This WolfCut style boasts volume and layers like any shag with fringe bangs that frame its face and fringe bangs with short sides for short back length.

Whether it’s colorful balayage like Billie Eilish’s or a monochrome hue, this 2020 new hairstyle will turn heads! Just use a smoothing serum and large barrel round brush when styling this textured beauty – the result will more than makeup for the extra effort put in!

The Pompadour

If bobs and lobs have you feeling down, try going bold with a pompadour! This classic look slicks back and up, creating a classic silhouette that works for any face shape or bone structure. A tall pomp elongates the appearance of your head – best suited to people with long or oval faces, but it works just as well for rounder features if styled properly. Once dry, apply pomade to achieve a sleek classic style look.

If you prefer keeping it short and sleek, a straight pomp style is an elegant solution that harkens back to the hairdos worn by stars such as Elvis Presley and James Dean.

The Quarantine Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are one of the easiest hairstyles to sport while quarantined, as evidenced by celebrities like model Karlie Kloss, Miley Cyrus, and actor Bruce Willis who opt for one during their stay.

For something fancier than the basic buzz cut, consider adding some flair with a low skin fade and slicked-back comb over styled with higher shine pomade. Not only will the style remain manageable while looking fabulous.

During their quarantine, many men opted for a bald look. It’s quick and easy, giving a clean-cut professional vibe; alternatively, try an undercut with a tapered beard for something similar – worn by celebrities like Blake Shelton, Hilary Duff, and Sofia Vergara!

The Bob

The bob is among the top men’s haircuts for 2020 and will likely remain so. This chic new style works particularly well on guys with medium-length hair or full beards who can grow out their beards. A hard side part combined with mid-skin fade creates this striking new style; add medium shine pomade to set this haircut apart!

No matter your style – from classic blunt bobs to rockabilly textured pixie cuts – there’s something here for every woman in our selection of trendy new haircuts for fall. Remember about bangs, too; curtain bangs could add another level of excitement when taking risks with your new look this fall!