Top 5 Men’s Short Hair Styles for 2020

Military-Inspired Haircut with High Skin Fade

If you want a stylish haircut that shows off your fashionable side, go for a military-inspired haircut with a high skin fade. This haircut combines short sides with length on top, which enhances your facial structure. It looks especially striking on wavy hair and can be easily maintained with pomade or gel products.


The Pompadour is an iconic hairstyle that blends classic barbering techniques with modern styles. This variation features short sides paired with a higher fade on top, creating an eye-catching and functional style. It complements most face shapes, although men with rounder faces may need to reduce the height at the top to avoid elongating their face.

Textured Quiff

This variation of the quiff hairstyle offers balanced proportions suitable for all face shapes and hair types. It’s an ideal option for men who want to keep their hair short but add some flair to their style. Pair it with a taper fade and use matte-finish products like Matte Clay for a flexible hold.


The undercut is a simple yet fashionable style, perfect for men who prefer short hair with an edgy touch. The teased French crop features a high quiff, while the sides and fringe are brushed back evenly for a balanced appearance. Round face shapes benefit from this look as the tight sides accentuate volume on top. Add a hard side part for an angular finish.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk hairstyle offers a rebellious appeal without being too extreme. Opt for one with burst fade sides and length at the top for a trendy look. An imperfect faux hawk is a great way to add volume and show off your natural hair texture. Use matte products for a subtle finish.

Spiky Quiff

A taper fade quiff is a classic yet modern style that makes a statement. It works well for all face shapes and ages, as its gentle messiness gives it an effortless look that never goes out of style. It looks fantastic when polished back with pomade.

Textured Crop

The textured crop haircut is an attractive and effortless style. It combines short back and sides with irregularly-textured length on top. This style is ideal for short, thick hair. Style it with fades or taper, a blunt fringe, and pomade, gel, or wax for an eye-catching finish.

Taper Fade

A taper fade adds texture and dimension to a short hairstyle. Its flared tips and flat surface can be spiked up or combed back for a sleek, tailored look. Try combining a comb-over with a taper fade for a stylish and modern take on the pompadour trend. This hairstyle is perfect for men seeking a refined appearance and can help create a soft widow’s peak.


Fringe, also known as bangs, refers to strands of hair that cover the forehead. There are various fringe styles suitable for every face shape, from long wispy fringes to shorter, textured styles. Long, textured fringes work well with wavy hair and add volume to thin locks, while also softening round faces. For heart-shaped faces, try an eyelet fringe slightly swept to one side.

Man Bun

A man bun is a combination of masculinity and sexiness, perfect for men with long wavy or curly hair, particularly when paired with a beard. While this trend may have mixed opinions, remember that what you wear reflects who you are, and it should always be your choice. If the man bun speaks to you, make sure to wash your hair only a few times a week with natural shampoo and conditioner.