Men’s Haircuts Trends for 2020

1. Long Scissor Cut

If short, shaggy styles don’t suit your fancy and close-shaven clipper cuts are too extreme, consider a crew cut. This style features short sides while leaving longer hair on top, along with tight sideburns. It is simple to achieve and always looks polished.

2. Long Tapered Haircut

Low-taper haircuts create a clean, sophisticated, and easy-to-maintain style. This timeless look features long locks at the crown with fades that gradually decrease from the neckline to the nape of your head. It can be styled with a side part for maximum impact.

3. Bald Drop Fade

A fade haircut is an excellent choice for men with short hair, as it accentuates the top while blending into the sides and back of your head. Pair your fade with a skin fade for a modern and masculine style. This look will showcase your natural texture while keeping your hair in place using matte pomade.

4. Side Part Pompadour

Nothing says modern and sophisticated like a side part pompadour with a fade. To achieve this look, your sides should be faded or tapered down just above the ear while leaving longer locks pushed towards the front for styling purposes. Use Grooming Tonic, a blow dryer, and Blue Pomade to create this sleek and polished look.

5. Bald Mohawk

The mohawk can make for an engaging look, especially for men with curly or wavy locks. A high and tight mohawk features a buzzed and shaved bottom with a strip of hair on top. This look offers sleek professionalism while still having that distinctive punk edge.

6. Long Textured Fringe

Fringes can add an eye-catching element to any haircut, framing your face beautifully. Try adding a long, textured trim for an edge to your style. It doesn’t require much styling; just a tiny amount of high-shine pomade will do.

7. Long Curly Haircut

Bring back some Y2K charm with this long, curly haircut. It features a grade-one cut across the back and sides with a more extended curly top layer for added dimension and shape. Slick back the top front part of your hair for a simple yet chic style.

8. Long Wavy Haircut

Consider a tapered pixie cut or a layered bob for wavy locks to embrace texture. A classic angled lob with shaggy layers can visually elongate the face. Alternatively, a pageboy pixie with full bangs is a unique style choice.

9. Low Skin Fade

A low skin fade leaves you with much shorter locks than high or medium fade cuts, with its taper beginning just above the ear and running down your neck. Combining professional and casual elements, this look is suitable for corporate environments. Add a tricky part and comb-over for a rock-n-roll flair.