2020 Men’s haircut Trends

The mohawk is back as one of the top men’s haircut trends of 2020. This rebellious look has grown in popularity, and the style has evolved from a straight and short style to a textured and layered one. The layered and afro versions of the mohawk are very low-maintenance and easy to style. The spiky style is another popular trend. This style gives men the freedom to play around with their hair, and is a great way to incorporate masculinity and sexiness into their looks.

For the winter, a middle part is on trend, as is a curly mullet. This look is relatively easy to manage and can create a lot of volume, but you should know that the middle part can be quite severe. For maximum effect, try it out with sea salt spray. It also looks great in other colors. The quiff is a short cut that combines the flattop of the 1950s with a mullet.