Top 5 Men’s Haircuts for 2020

One of the more striking men’s haircuts, this look combines a low skin fade with a brushed-back textured style and high-shine pomade (such as Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade ) for maximum impact. This head-turning hairstyle will undoubtedly turn heads.

Trendy Medium Length Haircut

This trendy hairstyle is ideal for medium-length hair. Combed over or slicked back, this look pairs beautifully with most facial hair styles.


Quiffs offer the ideal mix of casually polished and sleek looks, making it the perfect style for any event or special occasion. Easy to style, quiffs look less structured than pompadours for a more natural appearance; for a formal appearance, add extra volume by texturizing spray or mousse for texture.

Popular hairstyles for men this year will include man buns, top knots, and messy textured cuts. Disconnected styles will continue to reign supreme as an effective way to highlight texture while creating an eye-catching manner. These work well on medium-length hair and make an ideal look for special events!


Men who prefer more spiky styles can try the comb over the mohawk. This style can be worn to achieve professional and rocker looks; it also helps highlight hair texture. Piecey mohawks are another excellent style option; this less severe take on the classic mohawk looks good, too. To achieve it, use a gel with a firm hold, such as Bed Head For Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel. This haircut is ideal for guys looking to turn heads at work.


Men still determining about committing to a full mohawk should consider this edgy faux hawk hairstyle instead. Perfect for medium-length locks and various lifestyles alike. This style is simple to keep looking its best, complementing nearly all types of beards. Additionally, it flatters all facial structures and can be styled using various products. A classic fade and slicked-back comb-over are critical components to creating this style. A high-shine pomade such as Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade will help the top of your hair stand up, creating epic lines that draw people’s eyes toward you.

Man Bun

The man bun hairstyle is a modern, chic style that breaks stereotypes while adding an effortless yet casual vibe. Easy to maintain and great for any event – from business meetings to casual outings at pubs – this timeless look works wonders. Men looking for a hint of seduction should consider wearing this accessory with full beards or clean-shaven faces. It adds extra sensuality. To achieve the look, medium to long-length hair is required for success. If this style is something new for you, it may take some time before it reaches its desired length.


The pompadour is an iconic men’s hairstyle that always goes in fashion. Perfect for men with longer locks who wish to create an eye-catching and masculine appearance, a pompadour can also be combined with temple fades for added structure and contrast. The Slick Back is another timeless classic hairstyle, easily customized to meet all hair styles’ individual preferences and textures. This look involves brushing backward while applying gel or pomade to achieve its sleek, sophisticated appearance. Pair this look with an undercut or fade for an ultramodern and fashionable appearance!

Disheveled Hairstyles

Disheveled men’s hairstyles can be highly versatile to suit many different occasions and moods, from sleeked back for formal occasions to loose and tousled for casual wear.


Curly hair guys have access to fashionable styles that highlight their wavy texture and volume, such as cropped short curls brushed back for a textured look that can be styled using a slicker. Longer curls may be brushed up or kept down for a more natural appearance that looks layered or natural; combine this look with low fades and line-ups for retro appeal that adds style points. A classic pompadour meets modern taper fade for an edgy, chic style that’s easy to maintain with pomade or wax. The lower fade creates an effortlessly dapper appearance.