2020 Male Haircuts That Will Never Go Out of Fashion


Men’s buzz cuts are ideal for men who desire an easy and no-hassle hairstyle that won’t take much effort to maintain. In addition, they help conceal any bumps or scars on your head and are excellent choices for balding guys.

Ivy League

Ivy League haircuts are timeless classics that work for men of all ages. The Ivy League may resemble a classic crew cut at first glance, but its difference lies in its longer strands on top that can be styled into an eye-catching side part.


The quiff combines pompadour, faux hawk, and fade cuts to form an iconic style with longer front hair that can either be swept back or styled for a spiky, texturized finish.

Medium Length Shag

Resurgent shag cuts have shown us that this vintage-inspired cut is here to stay. Slick back for an elegant boardroom look or styled into an edgier quiff for nightclub chic, the shag works great regardless of hair texture or style – making the shag an accessible trend with timeless appeal.