7Top 5 2020 Male Haircuts

An increasing number of men are sporting longer locks, which looks great! Scissor-cut taper with low fade and long natural hair left unruly on top makes a stylish statement with or without beards.

High skin fades with medium-length hair that can be styled into either a pompadour or casually slicked back, plus an additional pomade for extra shine and hold.


Men with short hair can easily have an effortless style when it comes to maintaining their short locks. A high skin fade can make thick, wavy, or curly locks appear thicker while making thin or delicate strands appear fuller and fuller. Quiff or comb over on top can create the appearance of additional volume, while the hard part creates a modern aesthetic. Slick back your locks using some high-shine pomade and finish off this look with a short side-swept beard for added effect.

Another classic male look, the crew cut can be styled in various ways to fit any need or desired appearance. From its traditional short and tight amount to being styled into a pompadour for casual or stylish looks, the style works on all hair textures and can even be combined with side-swept beards or disconnected ones for an edgier appearance.


With their numerous styling possibilities, medium-length hair styles take your style to new heights. Choose a classic pompadour with a standard fade, or go for something bolder, like a quiff, for more daring proportions. Additionally, try sporting a mohawk for an eye-catching, fashionable vibe, or go for a messy texture to give an edge to your style.

Add an edge to your mid-length cut by styling it with a drop fade. This version of the fade features shorter sides and back for a refined style while leaving enough length on top for whole, natural styling. Many men even draw designs into their fades for an added flair of personality!

Textured medium-length haircuts have become a trendy look in 2020 for men. This trendy style combines a clean temple fade and lines up with an unconventionally flowing comb-over on top that features texture. This look keeps things looking modern yet unique!


Long hair for men exudes sexuality. From finger-combed back styles to quiffs with messy quiffs, the trend will remain popular in 2022. It works exceptionally well on guys with naturally wavy or curly locks; it is imposing when worn for an undone, laidback vibe. Add Bed Head For Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to add extra hold and definition!

This tapered haircut for men features short sides and long top layers with an appealing side part, finished off by an attractive low skin fade and beard disconnection for added visual interest. A comb-over can be made even cooler using Dove Men Care Defining Pomade. At the same time, mohawk fades with drop fades are another great way to show off thick, wavy locks while remaining fashionable in city environments.

High Fade

A high-fade haircut is perfect for men who are confident enough to showcase their natural texture. This style features longer top hair that is set off by a neat buzz-cut or bald fade on its sides, further enhanced with an expertly groomed beard for contrast that draws focus to leading hair.

This style works best on heads with oval, triangular, or diamond shapes and pairs well with side-swept beards to create a more masculine aesthetic. No matter whether you prefer a faux hawk, mohawk, or traditional quiff style haircut, a high fade haircut will help make you look sleek and stylish. Just remember to visit your barber regularly, as fades that expose large sections of the scalp may require regular touch-ups to maintain its crisp lines and sharp contrast.