2020 Lob Haircuts

Long bobs with bangs are an ultra-feminine and sleek style, suitable for many different face shapes. Style yours with a center part and curtain fringe for a chic finish.

Textured lobs are an elegant yet low-maintenance option for those with straight hair, looking effortlessly chic while only needing sea salt spray to style them.

Straight hair

Long bobs are extremely adaptable styles, working well with all hair textures. Wear yours straight for an elegant and polished look or curled for more of an undone feel. A lob can also be colored multiple colors; multi-color lobs can add dimension to your locks! Plus they work on all facial structures!

Your stylist can add angles to your cut by blending layers or changing how you wear your fringe, creating a look that complements all face shapes and can help make you appear younger and refreshed. This style works especially well on short hairstyles.

If you don’t want to commit to a full lob, a half-length bob may be just the ticket. It falls right between your chin and shoulders and can be worn either straight or wavy; even try adding curly and straight strands for an exciting mixed texture look!

Multiple colors

For an eye-catching and fashionable look, try dyeing your lob in an eye-catching hue such as silver. Silver works well across skin tones and styles and is more subtle than other bright shades, meaning less likely to fade or wash out too quickly.

A classic and sleek lob is a low-maintenance style ideal for those with thin hair. Its long stacked layers and complete ends create the illusion of thicker strands; try this look for everyday use or wear with heavy makeup and go all-out when going out!

If you want a lived-in texture but worry that your limp or fine locks might need an update, loose beach waves could be just what the doctor ordered to add texture and volume to your locks – creating an effortless style suitable for any face shape! Complete this look by spraying Redken 12 Versatile light hold hairspray onto it to secure it in place and make this an effortless lob. Messy

The long bob, more affectionately known as “Lob,” first made its way into mainstream consciousness around 2015. Since it isn’t too structured or boxy-looking, this versatile cut looks great with multiple styling techniques; from straightening or waving it with ease to flattering all face shapes – perfect for those not ready to commit fully to a full bob haircut.

Add texture and volume to your lob hairstyle by adding texture and volume. If your natural wave or curl offers effortless chic style, pair your choppy lob with bangs for a chic casual look. Otherwise use volumizing mousses to give your mane an extra lift for effortless casual wear.

If you’re seeking something bolder, why not opt for a zig-zag part? This eye-catching style works on all face shapes while drawing attention to your eyes. One-length

Long, luxurious locks look elegantly stylish when styled with the appropriate cut. A blunt medium-length bob with dark roots and balayage creates depth and dimension; this style will frame your face beautifully, making it suitable for most women of all ages.

A textured lob is another classic style and works wonders on fine or thin hair, adding volume by cutting strands at different angles to give them movement and texture. To achieve this look, try Keune Sea Salt Spray along with light hold hairspray to achieve this lived-in style.

This medium lob is great for women of all face shapes and can look fantastic both straight or wavy. Plus, its easy styling options mean it can even be worn in a ponytail. Perfect for women wanting something shorter than an all-out pixie cut yet not ready to commit fully!