Top 5 2020 Hair Trends for Men

360 Wave Style

If you have thick hair and want to show it off, the 360-wave style showcases the texture of your hair and creates an iconic look that pairs well with a fade or undercut.


The mullet is an iconic retro style that remains fashionable today. It works best for men with textured hair and can be paired beautifully with a high skin fade and beard for a striking new look.

Pompadour with Bald Fade

Are you channeling Harvey Spectre, or do you want to stand out? This style is for you! Combining the traditional pompadour with soccer-inspired styling adds character. A bald fade and side part can add distinction and works well for men with thick locks.

Textured Quiff

Men with slightly wavy hair can showcase their natural flow and movement with a textured quiff. Enhancing it with an expert comb-over and higher shine pomade can elevate this classic hairstyle for both formal and casual occasions.

Modern Taper Fade

For a rugged look, the modern taper fade is increasingly popular. It creates a stylish contrast between short sides and a longer top, making it eye-catching for men with thicker locks or clean beards.

High Pompadour with Matching Bald Fade

This show-stopping look is bold and sure to get noticed. Spend time styling a high pompadour with a matching bald fade to exude confidence and personality.

Slicked-Back Locks with Disconnected Undercut

Men with longer hair can go for the slicked-back locks style. Pair it with a shaved undercut for a modern yet traditional look.

Caesar Cut

Effortless and sought-after, the Caesar Cut is a famous men’s haircut. Brush your hair to one side and use matte-textured products for a natural appearance.

Mullet-Inspired Style

This updated version of the early 2000s mullet adds some messiness and length. It works best for wavy or curly hair and can be completed with a trim beard or soft mustache.

Long Hair with Beard

Men can look dapper with colorful hair. Try a metallic silver look for a bold, dark aesthetic without fully committing to all-over coloring. Pink hair can also be masculine when combined with a beard or mustache, especially with an unconventional undercut style.

Pompadour with Disconnected Undercut

Add modernity to a classic pompadour by incorporating a disconnected undercut. This style is excellent for keeping the sides short while adding length on top and can work for various haircuts like quiffs or messy textures.