2020 hair Trends for Women

Blunt Bob with Texture or Messy Shag

If you’re not a fan of the blunt bob, you can soften its contour by adding texture or opt for a messy shag with a middle part. Many women in 2020 took steps to protect their hair during the pandemic outbreak. Some chose bold neon shades like Billie Eilish, while others went for more subtle hues like burgundy or auburn.

Shattered Bob

Bobs are having a moment this year, from Kourtney Kardashian’s micro bob to Hailey Bieber and Ruth Negga’s power bobs. One particular style gaining popularity is the shattered bob. It adds movement and volume through layers, offering an eye-catching look with fringy edges and balayage highlights. Ideal for medium to thick straight hair, but can be customized for curlier locks as well. Chandelier bangs can be added to enhance the seductive appearance.

Shag Haircut

For those who prefer longer locks, a shag haircut is a great choice this year. This layered look, popular in the ’70s, can be worn at different lengths for versatility. Angled layers frame the face, adding volume at the crown. To achieve this look, opt for a cut with gradual angled layers or ask your stylist to incorporate them into your current style. Adding a splash of color with burgundy can make your shag haircut stand out.

The Mixie

As the mullet makes a comeback, another cropped style called the mixie has emerged. It’s a cute and edgy look with long length in the back and front (like a pixie) but short around the ears (like a mullet). The length can vary, with bangs falling around the temple area and the cut ending just below the shoulders. Adding some subtle sun-kissed highlights can enhance the mixie, especially for blondes.

Long Bangs

Long hair always makes a statement, especially when paired with bangs. Styling your long hair with a center part or sweeping the bangs to either side, like Camila Cabello, creates an ultra-chic look. Curtain bangs are another option, providing a beautiful frame for the face. This trend works well for those with curly locks, adding texture and volume to short pixie cuts. If you’re not ready for full bangs, try a fringe that curves at the front of your face to draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows. Pair this style with brown or caramel hues for a timeless and natural appearance.