2020 hair Color Trends For Spring

Just a few minor adjustments can transform your look for spring. From complete transformations like Megan Fox to just playing around with highlights, consider one of these 2020 ideas!

Teddy Bear Blonde

Teddy bear blonde is an alternative shade of warm honey blonde and leans towards golden. It works well with most skin tones and requires less upkeep than platinum blonde.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is ideal for those who want a hint of red without fully committing to ginger hairstyles. This long style combines strawberry blonde base hair color with blonde and red highlights for a stunning, softly feminine appearance.

All-Over Color

If the season of transition has you feeling lost or disoriented, a change in hair color can help restore some sense of yourself. From all-over hues to those meant to brighten roots, the spring and summer hues offer something suitable.


Bronde is the ideal low-commitment solution to transition away from silver trends or lighten up for summer. Inspired by Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Sunlight, bronde combines warm honey hues with cool-toned ash blonde tones to achieve this stunning hue.

Warm Highlights

Whether you’re an icy blonde hoping to channel Dua Lipa or an auburn-haired brunette searching for soft face-framing highlights, you can try numerous on-trend colors in 2020. Honey and gold blonde hues look good on all skin tones.


After months of calm, ashy tones, reds are making a dramatic comeback. From full-on copper hues to deep burgundy tones, these striking shades will help elevate any complexion and bring life back into it.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is an ageless color, flattering nearly every complexion. Warmer brunettes should seek shades that enhance their peach or pink undertones, while those with cooler complexions can wear warmer-to-medium tones.

Red Velvet

Make an impressionful statement this spring with the bold red velvet hair color trend! This vibrant shade looks like its namesake dessert and instantly adds sophistication and class. It works well for those with cool skin tones.