Top 5 2020 Braid Hairstyles

Suppose you want to relax by styling your strands while on vacation or just looking chic while at the beach; braids may be your solution! Check out some stylish 2020 braid hairstyles below that will keep you on trend!

Chunky Cornrow Braids with Zig Zag Sections

This look is trendy, unique, and easy to wear! The chunky cornrow braids with zig-zag sections will make your hairstyle fashionable.

Fulani Braids with Leave Out

Make your braids stand out by adding a splash of color! This lady used peach balayage in her Fulani braids for an exquisite result.

Long Braids Pushed to One Side

Enhance your summer hairstyle with some long braids swept over to one side. This look is adorable and will earn you many compliments!

Braids with Various Thicknesses and Patterns

Try this style if you’re looking for a long-lasting hairstyle that won’t unravel quickly. It features braids with different thicknesses and patterns, and adding beads will complete this unique style for casual daytime events.

Faux Mohawk with Side Braids

For an easy yet laid-back mohawk style, try this minimalist version. It’s perfect for naturalists looking to extend their co-wash days.

Braided Faux Hawk

This eye-catching style combines crown braiding and mohawk styling into one stunning hybrid design. It looks great on any face shape and is worth creating.

Wavy Zig Zag Braids

Choose this intricate style to make your eyes stand out. Snake braids and straight-back cornrows are combined to create an eye-catching look. Remember to moisturize your strands with a leave-in conditioner mist to prevent dryness and frizz.

Stitch Braids in Blonde Hue

Stitch braids are super cute and stylish, especially in a blonde hue. This hairdo makes a statement at formal events or romantic date nights.

Long Feed In Braids with Beads

Add beads at the ends to take your Bantu box braids to the next level. Experiment with different shades to find what suits you best.

Braids with Crystal Beads

Add an elegant flair to your braids by decorating them with crystal beads. Create stunning patterns with these sparkling gems, and tie your braids into a low bun for a sophisticated finish.

Long Braids with Pattern

Long braids with an eye-catching pattern on top of the head are attractive and trendy. This blue braided set features a symmetrical design and looks chic.

Stitch Braids with Texture and Dimension

Stitch braids can add texture and dimension to any hairstyle. It requires less time than traditional braided updos and allows for personalization with beads or other hair accessories.

Braids-and-Weave High Ponytail

Try this braids-and-weave style if you want a high ponytail while protecting your natural locks. It’s perfect for office settings or a night out and can be smoothed out with a serum to avoid flyaways.