2020 African American Hairstyles

Black hairstyles have come back into fashion recently. From technicolor wigs to braided pixies, the trend is making waves on social media, and the debate surrounding cultural appropriation continues in real-time online. This year, Senator Cory Booker introduced legislation that would discriminate against natural or protective hairstyles illegal under federal civil rights laws. Take inspiration from this hairstyle in 2021 if you wish to embrace your natural texture!

Short Haircuts

If you want a playful but subtle look, choose a short pompadour style. It features an appealing front swoop and feathered back for maximum facial framing impact and flattering brown hair color to warm up your complexion; it makes an eye-catching fashion statement without going too far.

Tapered cuts can be ideal for showcasing black girls’ natural ringlets with an aesthetically pleasing fade. Unlike its regular bob counterpart, this style shows off the length on top while providing volume on the sides and nape.

If you want an edgy look, pair a mohawk with lush curls for an eye-catching combination. Add your flair by personalizing this style by adding pops of color – this will help set yourself apart and exude a bold personality! Added bonus? It can easily fit almost any outfit – just be sure to moisturize your curls regularly using good products instead of shampoos for the best results!

Short Layered Haircuts

This short layered haircut is ideal for black girls looking to add texture and depth to their crop. The bold hue complements her skin tone perfectly for a striking appearance – one of the top black hairstyles for girls wanting to show off their glamorous side!

Curly afros have long been in style and look stunning in this short layered cut. The edgy style is further highlighted with side-swept bangs that emphasize facial features.

Opt for this tapered wavy crop if you want a short haircut that highlights your curls. Its tapered shape and textured waves perfectly showcase dusty red tresses, while its designer undercut adds an irresistibly stylish finish.


If you want to elevate your look, try an elegant black updo. Perfect for formal events and versatile enough to match different outfits, these updos can create beautiful ones that reflect your style and the occasion. Whether your hair is long or short, creating one will show off your charm and express who you are as an individual.

Alicia Keys adds some drama to her updo by styling it with an eye-catching French braid that frames her face before being rolled into a high bun – creating an elegant style that works on any skin tone.

Put a spin on this classic updo by adding a twisted swag at the side. This unique look is ideal for those who appreciate asymmetrical styles!

If you’re searching for an easy yet striking hairstyle, try this sleek, long black style. It works well on most hair textures and is an ideal option, whether at the office or in an evening event. Add an extra splash of shine with shimmering highlights for added glamour!

Natural Hair

Black women know how to do their hair well – whether on the red carpet or in the workplace. Their locks have long been seen as an expression of individualism while simultaneously being subjected to oppressive forces. Buzzfeed produced an outstanding video that provides a comprehensive history of black hair in America.

One of the most iconic African-American hairstyles is a braided bun. Perfect for formal events and can be worn with both permed and natural locks, using a moisturizing conditioner before braiding will prevent dryness and tangles.

Cornrows have long been a signature style among African Americans, used historically to indicate social information such as clan membership or age. Today, however, this look makes a stunning and elegant statement in any crowd – just be sure to moisturize regularly and limit heat exposure, as this could cause irreparable damage to your locks!