5 Hot 2005 Hairstyles

The 1960s brought us cropped pixie cuts, the 1970s introduced feathery layers, and the 1980s made volume trendy. Nowadays, stylish updos like the ones worn by Gigi Hadid and Blake Shelton are all the rage.

In 2005, textured razor cuts and layered bobs with defined curls were popular. Rowan Blanchard rocked a medium-length version of the cut with significant effect. For a contemporary and edgy style, opt for jagged ends in a choppy cut. Jennifer Aniston’s extended, choppy cut at the premiere of Horrible Bosses was a standout.

Dramatic side bangs and crimped strands, popular in the early 2000s, have made a comeback. Emo hairstyles, associated with bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, feature long strands styled to swoosh across one eyelid. Opt for full side bangs or keep strands long with choppy layers for a more mature look.

Y2K hairstyles are back in fashion. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s wavy crop cut, featuring flattering layers and side-swept bangs, remains stylish. A sleek bob with shine is a timeless choice for straight or slightly wavy locks. For those with thicker or longer hair, a blunt fringe with a shaved side, also known as a Faux Hawk, adds flair. Adding streaks of color can give your haircut a pop of character.

Mullets, popular in the 80s and rocked by celebrities like David Beckham and Miley Cyrus, made a comeback in recent decades. Actors, singers, and sports stars like Dansby Swanson, Troye Sivan, Kristen Stewart, MS Dhoni, and Kevin Pietersen have all embraced the mullet trend. Even in Moscow, the shaggy mullet can be seen everywhere, from boutiques to nightclubs.