A 2 to 3 Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts can be an ideal way to keep your locks short while adding some visual interest with lines and details. Different kinds of fades are available – high, mid, and low fades are among them.

The 0 to 2 Fade

The 0 to 2 fade is one of the more popular fade styles, as it gradually transitions from a 0 length at the base to a 1 length approximately one inch above the ear.

Mid Fade

Mid fades are an ideal compromise between high and low fades, offering tapered down lengths from about 2- 3/4 before gradually growing back up towards your temples for an all-purpose fade that pairs perfectly with any hairstyle up top. This style is also an effective way to highlight your short curls, as the fade combines them into an eye-catching style that will grab people’s attention. Just apply plenty of pomade to keep it looking sharp and neat!

Communication between the Client and Barber

Communication between the client and barber is vital when selecting your fade. Be sure to bring photos and explain exactly what type of fade you would like – this will ensure understanding, which could result in something different than you desired. Also, start off with a longer fade length and adjust as necessary rather than cutting too short too early.

High Fade

High fades require more skill and experience for barbers to perform successfully than their low counterparts, requiring them to clear out hair down to 2 or 3 length before gradually working upward in detailed grade lines. As it’s easier than ever to locate professional barbers with experience in various fade styles, bring photos with you during your haircut consultation and communicate clearly to ensure a successful venture.

Sharp and Swept-Over Top with Two to Three Fade

A sharp, swept-over top and two to three fade is a timeless combination, and perfect for men looking for an attractive finish without going too short or neatly tidy. This style especially benefits from having a hard side part to separate long top sections from short sides and back, focusing attention on the brushed-up entire area, which can easily be styled into a quiff or pompadour shape if desired. It is the perfect look for guys seeking a sleek yet stylish finish without being overly short or neat!


A side fade haircut can be ideal for taming excess locks while leaving plenty of length on top. Additionally, it can easily fit with nearly every hairstyle up top. A 2 to 3 fade involves trimming both sides to an approximate 2 length before gradually increasing into an approximately 3 length an inch above the ear. It falls somewhere between mid fades and low fades, making this style perfect for those seeking an eye-catching but more subdued option without all-out high fades.

Specificity in Asking for a Fade

It’s essential that when asking for a fade, you are specific in what you ask your barber to do or bring in pictures as an outline of precisely what you would like them to do – otherwise, the result could be too short or long; using photos during your haircut consultation is one effective way of avoiding this situation.


No haircut makes as significant an impression as a razor fades on the back and sides, creating a striking contrast between short, clipped sections and longer blended top layers that define this style. Its slim silhouette makes it the ideal complement to almost any hairstyle up top.

Mid-2 to 3 Fade

Mid 2 to 3 fades feature lower side hair cut at a 2 length (1/4 inch), gradually transitioning to 3 (3/8 inch). The exact height at which this transition occurs determines its classification as low, mid, or high fade. Instead of some fade styles, a mean 2 to 3 fade style is less eye-catching and makes an excellent option for men with longer locks who don’t require their fade to come as close to the skin as with full bald fades. Furthermore, this fade works well with crew cuts, comb-overs, and even spiked hairstyles.