Blue Anime Model – The Two to Three Fade Style

A 2 to 3-fade haircut begins about half way up the head, usually just above the eyebrows. This type of style frames the eyes nicely and is perfect for long hair. The fade is typically at least two to three inches high. There are several ways to make this haircut look great. To choose a proper height, you should consider the shape of your face. This will help you choose the best length. This style is ideal for men with long faces, and is also very versatile.

The two to three fade haircut is a style that blends the length of a haircut from number two to number three. This style is not for beginners and requires good clipper skills. Aside from having a clean, shiny cut, you should know how to use clippers correctly. If you aren’t comfortable cutting that, ask a barber to do it for you. Don’t skimp on maintenance – always use the best clippers and scissors.