2 Braids Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Braids are an excellent protective style to help seal in moisture and encourage natural hair growth. They create an elegant and feminine finish while being easy to manage.

Inspired by Beyonce’s Lemonade braids, this style incorporates close and even cornrows that run from left to right. It is an elegant and stylish alternative to regular ponytails.

High Ponytail

Ponytails are an effortless and straightforward way to keep your locks out of your face. They are incredibly versatile and can be accessorized with scrunchies, velvet insets, or beads for an elegant finish. Make it more contemporary by leaving out loose, wavy tendrils or adding an elegant side braid at the base of your bun.

Braided Low Bun

Try this braided low bun style for an elegant look with more depth. It showcases brown and blonde highlights beautifully. Even if your braids are short, you can still add glamour by wrapping strands of hair around the ponytail. You can also experiment with rings, beads, or yarn to add a fun element.

Half-Up Top Knot

A half-up top knot is ideal for showing off wavy locks while remaining sophisticated and put-together. Use texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add grip, volume, and texture. For added drama, tease loose face-framing pieces or use bobby pins around the bun for structure and precision.

French Braids

French braids are timeless styles for almost all hair lengths and textures. Create a side or crown French braid by brushing your hair to one side and adding pieces from either side as you work your way down. This will keep the braid neat and organized. Styling products can help smooth hair or reduce flyaways.

Braided Updo

Braided updos can add flair and sophistication to any look. Some styles require professional braiders, but others are simple and ideal for everyday wear. Try a captivating waterfall braid pinned to the top of the head or wrap long box braids or locs into a beehive-shaped bun for an elegantly beautiful updo.