What You Should Know About 1b Hair


As its name implies, 1b hair is much straighter than other varieties of straight locks. However, this medium-textured type features slight waves from the midshaft down that prevent complete smoothness or straightness to its ends.

Texturizing Challenges

Straight hair can make it challenging to add volume, particularly without using targeted volumizing products or techniques. Texturizing spray or creating heatless air-dried waves will give your mane fuller dimensions.

Oiliness Concerns

1b Hair’s natural scalp oils make it glossy and smooth but also make it susceptible to oiliness. Crude oil travels quickly down the straight strands, causing oil buildup even just days after washing. Clarifying shampoo and lightweight products for oily hair can help manage oiliness. Regular deep conditioning sessions may also be helpful.

Dryness Prevention

As 1b hair is straight, it requires regular moisture from your scalp for proper maintenance. Styling with heat and chemicals can lead to dryness and brittleness. Adding deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioners can help. Avoid products with silicone and opt for lightweight leave-in sprays formulated with nourishing ingredients.

Damage Control

1b hair is more delicate and finer than most types, making it susceptible to damage from heat styling, chemical buildup, and natural wear and tear. Use a heat protectant, sleep on silk or satin pillowcases, and avoid overusing conditioner to minimize breakage.

Versatile Styling

1b hair is quite versatile but must be treated with care. Avoid overprocessing and limit color treatments. Volumizing products and flattering hairstyles like half-up ponytails or braids can add texture to the straight strands.