Choosing 1b 30 Hair Color

1b 30 hair color is ideal for anyone seeking a natural-looking finish with their wigs or extensions, blending perfectly with both honey blonde and auburn hues for an eye-catching brown balayage style.


Different colors look better on different people, and specific skin tones are better suited to certain shades than others; if you have very dark skin tones, then natural black may suit better than jet black; 1b 30 hair color provides an option that blends nicely with natural locks. Consider using lighter hair colors, such as 27 or 30, instead. While these shades are slightly more delicate than black, they still look natural; 27 is light auburn, while 30 is medium reddish brown. If you want a bolder transformation, select 99J or black, as these shades stand out more on your scalp while looking more natural against the face.


1b hair color is ideal for experimenting with black hair colors. While darker than pure jet-black, its warm brown undertones add warmth, giving it more natural appeal than pure black hues. Furthermore, this shade can easily be mixed with lighter tones to create ombre looks. 27 and 30 hair colors may seem very similar, yet their differences lie in that 27 is part of the blonde family while 30 belongs to brown. RastAfri also adds letters to their tipped colors to indicate when their top portion blends with solid hues at the ends – this way, you know you are ordering the correct shade when ordering wigs or extensions – such as 1B off black with rusty red at its core as seen by their initial letter code (GSRB1B for instance).


If you’re ready to add something different to your style, ombre or highlight techniques effectively give you a customized final look. A purple ombre works particularly well on blondes who wish to add subtle color variations without taking over their entire ‘do. A professional colorist can lighten your locks using Biolage Professional Lavender color-depositing conditioner to achieve this cool-toned style. Add an eye-catching pop of color with platinum highlights on the ends for an eye-catching balayage-style look and help decrease visible lines between black hair and highlights. However, balayage and ombre require more frequent touch-ups than traditional highlights; Kim suggests visiting your salon every three months for these coloring techniques. You can keep damage at bay between salon visits with reparative shampoo such as Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Bundle,, which uses citric acid to strengthen and protect strands against further damage.


If your natural dark hair color is somewhat subdued, adding highlights or lowlights to enhance it can add depth. They can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish; make sure the hue does not look brassy – otherwise, it may look unnatural and less like itself! Add warmth and dimension to your 1b 30 hair color by highlighting it with golden highlights for an instantly more youthful appearance. Warm tones work wonders at making you appear younger while simultaneously accentuating features. Before selecting your hair color, you must consider your skin, eye, and eyebrow colors carefully. Darker complexions will look more natural with darker locks. If you have light skin tones, opt for either 1 or 2 hues depending on their style; while those with darker complexions should select 1b as their preferred shade.