Eighteenth-Century Short Hairstyles

Hairstyles from the 1980s have come back into style, offering something for every taste – whether that means opting for full perms or something more subtle. There is something out there to suit all.

Curly Queens

Curly queens like Cher and Donna Summer made bold statements, while straight-haired rock stars teased their locks. Fe-mullets shed their repulsive image this year and can be flattering.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut was one of the most fashionable hairstyles of the 1980s, proving an extremely versatile style choice. A variation on the classic bob, it works beautifully for women of any color; maintenance requirements are low – wash and style with gel or pomade for styling purposes! Its low maintenance requirements also make it suitable for women with cowlicks or natural patterns in their locks.

Add layers to give your pixie cut more character by layering up. This will add texture and volume; even some texturized spray could give it an irresistibly disheveled effect, further elevating its beauty. This is sure to make it stand out among its competition!

Incorporating bangs is an effective way to make your pixie cut more interesting. Tyra Banks made this bold choice, and it will set your fairy apart from others. Tyra’s slight framing of her face will accentuate both your eyes and eyebrows, helping make you truly stand out in a crowd.

Long Mullet

The long mullet is a timeless 80s hairstyle that can be worn in many different ways. Easy to achieve and flattering for all face shapes, this look features short, straight hair around the ears, gradually tapering into a more extended back section for an added vintage edge. This style is ideal for women with medium to long-length locks, and adds natural volume and vintage charm!

The mullet began as a men’s haircut but quickly gained popularity during the 1980s among both sexes. Today it can look equally good whether worn straight or curled; either style will bring back memories of that decade’s classic music videos and movies


Consider adding some color to add an element of style and sophistication to your mullet. Varying hair colors can create a striking contrast between its spiky front and long back sections, especially effective with curly locks that soften any drastic shifts between lengths at either end of your head.

Hair in a Bandana or a Scarf

As its name implies, this 1980s hairstyle mimics pigtails. This classic 80s look featured asymmetric asymmetry, messy textures, and greasy effects for an eye-catching punk style look that was part of its popularity then. This look requires thick and long locks, but similar results can be achieved using volumizers such as Ouai’s Matte Pomade ($24).

A simple yet eye-catching style, scarf pinning is an easy and stylish way to achieve an edgy look for any outfit, adding color without dying your locks! Use a light hairspray and ensure your style doesn’t change midway – an excellent solution for women who wish to wear scarves but lack the time or energy to style their locks properly.

Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair offers you a sophisticated and seductive appearance. You can style it to create waves or coils or even form a sleek bun, adding feathery highlights for dramatic effect, or opt for dark brown hues for added charismatic shine.

The 1980s were defined by volume and glamour, even among women with shorter locks; backcombing or body waves could help achieve big hair looks for women with short locks. Farrah Fawcett made her mark during this era with her signature lion’s mane; women surrounded their faces with complete, voluminous waves surrounding their faces for added effect.

French braided buns are another stylish choice for long, straight hair that can make for an elegant evening look. Use bobby pins to secure the rolled construct and finish it with some hair wax for a glossy finish. A blowout is another effective way of volumizing hair, including adding volume through slick back ponytails or half updos with scrunchies for rock ‘n’ roll charm.