1980s Hairstyles

In the 1980s, heavy rock and glam metal bands embraced long hair, often rocking styles such as mullets, Jheri curls, and hi-top fades. The motto of the decade was “Bigger is better.” Gigi Hadid demonstrates that an elegant and classic take on an ’80s hairstyle is timeless, significantly when enhanced with volumizing foam.

Huge Hair

Excess was a defining characteristic of the 1980s, including hair. Big and voluminous locks were the norm, reaching heights reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. Permed curls, feathered waves, and teased hairstyles were all the rage during this era, and now, a knocked ‘do is making a comeback. Achieving this style requires a few good volumizing products, like L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold, and Light Hairspray Unscented. For added flair, tuck a scrunchie or bow into your ’80s-inspired ponytail, which remains a trendy choice when worn with bangs.


In the 1980s, big, bold hair was all the rage, exemplified by the mullet style. Both men and women fell for this trend, with short front layers and long back layers creating maximum impact. You can achieve this look with a choppy pixie cut, a shag-inspired wolf-cut style, or a more feminine version with longer disconnections between layers and side fringe. To give your tresses an ’80s touch, create a teased and voluminous ponytail, adopting modern clear elastics for a contemporary edge. Feathered bangs were another iconic ’80s trend that complements various outfits, from ruffled dresses to off-shoulder ensembles.

Sky High Bangs

When it comes to ’80s hair trends, volume was everything. From Cher’s curls to Whitney Houston’s bouncy locks and Farrah Fawcett’s feathered bangs and crimped styles, wavy locks became an enormous trend that has made a comeback. The classic bowl cut retains appeal but takes on a more sophisticated look, working well for women with different hair lengths simply by adding layers. To update the Jheri curl—worn by iconic musicians like Prince, Lionel Richie, and Michael Jackson—consider adding color with highlights or stripes for a playful and eye-catching effect.


The ’80s witnessed the rise of the iconic ponytail. A versatile hairstyle, it can be worn casually. This look was often worn high on the back, secured with colorful scrunchies, and adorned with flowing bangs for added flair. Another highly sought-after hairstyle of the era was the mohawk, featuring spiky lengths styled messily to complement the bold eyeshadow trends. For a subtle take on this look, try the bun mohawk, a feminine variation suitable for any hair type. It pairs perfectly with various makeup looks and can be embellished with scrunchies or glamorous bow barrettes.