1940s Mens Hairstyles

Men of the 40’s kept their hair relatively low maintenance; generally just longer on top and shorter at the back and sides. When styling was required, often just using pomade to slick back their locks in an effort to look neat and tidy. Some men sported pompadour styles of hair styling that involved tease and pin at the crown of their head; often times this look would also include either a beard or mustache.

Slicked Back

One of the most iconic 1940s hairstyles was a sleek comb over, which is easy to maintain and looks sharp with formal wear. To achieve this style, create pin curls in front before combing them over to one side – perfect for special events! Pompadour hairstyles were a classic of 1940s mens hairstyles. These short on sides and back but long on top styles offer great ways to show off individuality. Beard and mustache combinations are another great way to complete this look, offering something different than traditional business attire. Perfect for any event and guaranteed to grab people’s attention.


Back in the 1940s, men enjoyed greater flexibility with their hairstyle choices than they do now. Short styles were easier to maintain without curls and volume that needed product for daily styling. Pomade could also add texture and volume, and some would quiff their hair for an eye-catching style; most preferred the classic slicked back look instead. The messy 1940s hairstyle is ideal for those with some length to their locks, requiring only minimal side parts and fades for optimal effect. To achieve this style, start by starting with a drop fade on both sides before texturizing with some product to achieve this look.


One of the most iconic 1940s hairstyles was a comb over. Back and sides would be given short cuts, leaving some length on top for creating an unmistakable comb over effect. Men would then lightly quiff their hair to add definition. It is thought that this style was the forerunner to the pompadour trend popular during the 1950s. Add a sexy twist to this style by pairing your comb over with a low ponytail tied with beribboned rope and slung over one shoulder, for an unforgettable diner-era look that is sure to turn heads! Just be sure that your shampoo and conditioner have high shine factors for vibrant hair color!


Men who prefer short sides and back can wear this neat 1940s-inspired hairstyle easily by regularly using hair gel. Pin curls resemble mohawks and can be pulled back into a ponytail or pompadour, adding volume and dimension. Tease the crown of your head for additional volume before pin straight sections over it for a poofy effect – ideal for men with medium length hair! Adding a beard or mustache may further elevate this 1940s hairstyle for men.

Comb Over

As men began embracing longer hair styles during the 1940s, men’s styles gradually evolved away from ultra short styles of the past decades. Instead of leaving their locks super short up top while trimming it shorter on back and sides. Clark Gable was one of many celebrities who popularized the comb over style, in which side locks are shortened while top hair is combed over and kept secure using lots of gel to hold everything together. Make an eye-catching statement with medium-length hair by creating a low pompadour by spiking up the hair and using some hair gel for structure and hold. Medium length locks look amazing in this look that stands out.