1930s Hairstyles

Women during the 1930s favored long, staggered waves (also referred to as waterfall or Marcel waves) over flattened, straight hair styles. This look features classic finger curls with long curled fringe pinned back from the forehead and penetrating the lips for an elegant, vintage vibe. A snood completes this vintage ensemble.

Finger Waves

Finger waves were once popular decades before beach waves and modern curls became fashionable. Created using bobby pins, finger waves were the signature look of silver screen actresses like Ginger Rogers and Marlene Dietrich. This hairstyle works best on medium to long hair with a slight side part and smooth flat top that’s waved all the way down. To complete its 1930s-inspired aesthetic, tuck any extra length away into a snood or bun and decorate your look with flowers to complete this elegant, formal style.

Finger Rolls

Vivienne Leigh popularized long, curled locks during this era; women with shorter locks could fake longer looks by pinning finger rolls similar to pin curls of 1920s style into finger rolls for an instant longer hair look. Greta Garbo popularized The Pageboy hairstyle in the 1930s – an eye-catching medium-length style featuring a side part with smooth flat top and big fluffy curls from eyes to shoulders that created the impression of longer locks and provided soft framing for her face. If you have long hair, try styling it into a coronet braid or bun at the lower neck to bring back that 1930s feel and add some sophistication. Additionally, try adding an authentic 1930s snood (an accessory resembling a small netted bag over a ballerina bun) or vintage headband featuring rhinestones and embroidery as an extra flourish to complete your look!

Sleek Curls

Women were required to dress conservatively during this era due to economic strain, so women kept their style sophisticated and refined. The bob was still popular at this time and could be worn straight, wavy or curly; Ginger Rogers famously donned hers with big curls for an effortless flirty look. Long haired ladies could try out page boys – an effortless style with lots of voluminous curls from crown down that was great at concealing split ends or at-home haircuts. Victory rolls were an extremely popular 1930s hairstyle among women with shorter locks in the 1930s. Pinned up so they wouldn’t fall, these voluminous rolls gave the illusion of full head of ringlets; perfect for formal events! Marcel waves can add another elegant touch by framing your face beautifully; these loose winglets create a soft frame around your features for an effortlessly beautiful appearance.

Taper Fade

Hollywood provided women a sense of glamour during the 1930s, providing relief from Depression-era living. Stars such as Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich provided entertainment through pin-curled bobs with elegant waves to the side, pin-curled bobs with pin curls at their sides, as well as styled straight hair with bangs swept back. Replicating this 1930s hairstyle requires starting with a slight side part and smooth flat top, then creating finger waves with small rolled curls at the bottom for an adorable and flirty look. Next, tease up your locks before applying Nexxus Styling Maxximum Finishing Mist hold spray; it gives natural, long-term hold while keeping frizziness at bay. Finally, style with a vintage-inspired hat or scarf as an authentic vintage style; they may also shield against cold weather as an additional protection; additionally double as headband giving crown-like appearance!