Men’s 1920s Hairstyles

Men’s 1920s hairstyles epitomized class. With some pomade or wax, even curly locks could be styled into elegant looks for an impressive appearance.

Short Pompadours

Short pompadours can be an ideal style choice for those with shorter locks. Though it requires the product to keep it in place, it’s worth it!

Slicked Side Part

Men looking to recreate the 1920s aesthetic will benefit from sporting a sleek side-part hairstyle with expert skin-fade sides, and an upswept backcomb over on top. Add extra definition by using pomade to smooth down the hair before styling with this style.

Straight Hair

In the 1920s, many men favored wearing their hair straight. This stylish trend remains fashionable today and will ensure you look sharp, whether headed to work or an informal high school dance.

Taper Fade with Small Pompadour

A taper fades with a small pompadour is an enduring classic hairstyle that will suit most men. Easy to style and can be accomplished using minimal hair gel, this look looks incredibly dapper when worn with a fedora.

Short Pompadour

This 1920s hairstyle involves styling a short pompadour with hair gel or pomade. This stylish option is excellent for men who have little time to devote to their locks but still desire an eye-catching look.

Comb Over

A classic men’s hairstyle of the 1920s was the comb-over. To achieve it, tapered sides are tapered down while the center part combed over the hair is slicked back into a small quiff for easy daily wearability. This effortless style requires minimal hair cosmetics for maintenance throughout its duration.

Peaky Blinders Haircuts

Peaky blinder haircuts were fashionable during the 1920s. Slick back the side hair while combing up thick top locks for an impressive, sophisticated look, perfect for either gangsters or executives.


The 1920s marked an era of change for both economies and men’s fashion. Men favored wearing their hair short on the sides and long on top, often styled using hair gel or pomade to give a professional and sleek appearance that was ideal for any profession.

Wavy Fringe

People with longer locks can opt for a wavy fringe, like Camila Cabello, or something more face-framing like Kirsten Dunst – who also sports her frame with an undulating side-swept style. Add texture with matte clay or dry shampoo before brushing your hair into a quiff for an updated take on this classic style. For an extra bit of drama, add a slight pompadour.


Crest styles feature hair on top combed into an upward rise with sides and back trimmed very short for maximum dapper effect. A great way to add height for receding hairlines or bald spots while being deficient maintenance, crest styles make an impression fashion statement while remaining low maintenance. For a Clark Gable-inspired look, be sure to add hair gel for added smoothness and elegance.

Fade with Side Swept Top

Another iconic 1920s hairstyle is a fade with side swept top, perfect for most faces and hair types alike, looking equally great with or without a beard. Taper haircuts resemble fades in that they feature a gradual gradient. Men with taper fade can wear their hair in a small pompadour or even a crest for more formal occasions.

Short Wavy Haircut

If you have a short wavy haircut, try combing it back using your fingers to encourage a fluffy thick texture and pair it with a dapper fedora to complete this look. It works best for guys with slight side parts but perfectly complements bald fade or undercut styles.