1920s Hairstyles For Short Hair – How to Look Good Without Spending a Fortune

As far as 20th century hairstyles go, frizzy hairstyles was certainly the ultimate look of that era. Women sported their hair in straight (sometimes even coiffed) lengths, as a declaration of independence, and adorned it with a myriad of accessories: fascinators, feather Boas, and bejeweled earrings were all fantastic accessories, as were ribboned hairbands and wispy wigs. However, the real ‘style’ of these long haired women was their frizzy locks, which were often kept longer as a more stylish option than actually being straight! Today, there are still many people who enjoy this look, but the 1920s hairstylists and hairdressers have moved on to a completely different style.

1920s Straight hairstyles

For those who prefer straight hair, there is no need to be too concerned. As long as you avoid wearing any jewellery with your hair, you can have perfectly straight hair. This will mean you will need to wear some kind of headpiece with your hair, although some style gurus advocate wearing an ornamented hat or cap to cover your bald spots. As long as you keep your hair clean, there is no reason for it not to be curly or long. Even if you are not particularly curly, you can still have naturally curly hairstyles 1920’s with a straight cut – simply try and keep it from being too thick. You can choose a wide variety of styles by using hair-gel, curling tongs and even by applying a little heat! Curling tongs are great for creating new wave curls, and curling gels and blow-drying products can give a look that is soft, luxurious and frizz free.

1920s Curly hairstyles

If you do happen to have 1920s curly hairstyles and you want to keep it looking great, then there are also a number of options available. Try and keep your hair as clean as possible, using a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners. Curly hairstyles 1920s requires less upkeep, so you will not have to worry about drying it out every day, as many people with straight 1920s hairstyles need to regularly give it a deep conditioning treatment to ensure its healthiness.

Different 1920s Hair style

There are so many different styles of 1920s hairstyles out there that you’re almost certain to find one that is perfect for you. The style of your 1920s hairstyle will depend on how you wear your hair, but regardless, the best part about it is that you don’t have to worry too much about what time period you’re in! There are so many different styles and trends available to you and so many different hair types, there’s no reason why you can’t pull it off!


So, as far as styling of 1920s hairstyles go, short locks were undoubtedly the definitive look of that decade. Women wore their hair down (as opposed to long) in the hopes of gaining access to new 1920s hairstyles, which were more readily available for women with short hairstyles. Women also wore their locks long as an attempt to emulate the 1920s hairstyles they saw on magazine models. Women also sported their 1920s hairstyles in elaborate updos, using a variety of accessories, including hair combs, flowers, feathers and even hats to dress up their look.

1920s Hairstyles for medium length hair tended to be a little looser than short hairstyles. These 1920s hairstyles featured a slightly longer style that swept across the top of the head, rather than a straight sweep. Because of this, it was often possible to take your layers away or just add a little more volume and dimension to the face with layers.

Hairstyles for long hairstyles 1920s were a little more complex than short ones. Long hairstyles 1920s are much more time consuming to style and were usually created with layers in mind. Hairstyles for long hairstyles 1920s usually involved a style that swept past the ears and across the back. This 1920s hairstyle required careful planning in order to achieve the desired effect. You can get away with much more hairstyles for long hair because it takes more time to do them correctly, whereas short hairstyles 1920s tends to be much simpler to work with.

1930’s Hair styles

As far as 1930s hairstyles go, short hairstyles 1920s was definitely the definitive style of that decade. Long, flowing hair was simply not acceptable to many women during that era, so short hair, in the form of bob, weaves or cornrows, was the norm. Many women wore their hair longer (sometimes as high as shoulder length), as a way of expressing freedom, and accessorizing it with a variety of different styles: fascinators, ribbons and beaded pins were all spectacularly in vogue at this time, as were hairpieces and hair extensions. In fact, it was an essential component to many ‘New Hairdays’ in those days!

French roller

The early part of the twenties was the age of the French Rollers, as they came to fame. The French Rollers were an African American female clique who wore tight, long flowing hair, along with a wide range of accessories. These included beaded bracelets, beaded earrings and, of course, hairpieces. Their clothing choice was equally eclectic, often including a very distinctive black and white pinstripe suit with a long white shirt, which featured the familiar red and blue checkerboard pattern. The French Rollers’ style and choice of accessories are certainly very different from other hairstyle styles of that time period, but their influence can still be seen today in various 1920s styles – in both men and women – from the hip hop, rock and hip hop stylist to the more modern designs, such as the tribal one.

The late part of the early twenties saw a return to the more traditional, somewhat more conservative look. The hair in these years was often short and straight. Women of this era were generally conservative about their looks, and it is unlikely they would have chosen to take this bold step if it meant losing their freedom! However, their taste in hair and style was certainly not forgotten, and the styles of the early twenties were adopted by women around the world. Some of the best-known of these designs were the French rollers and the bob, both of which were in full circulation during this time. Many people still wear these hairstyles today, as part of their personal style.

By the mid-twenties, the popularity of the French rollers had waned slightly, but the 1920s hairstyles still remained strong, especially in the 1930s. It is possible that many women would never again adopt this style, but the great look is something that many women still carry with them to the end of their lives. In fact, the style has taken on a life of its own, with a huge number of websites offering an endless array of hairstyles, styles and accessories, each with a different interpretation of the original look.

By the ‘thirties, the hairstyles in this era of the ‘twenty firsts’ had a definite style. It seems that for most women, short, fine hair was all they wanted. For some, it may even have been all they could afford! It is impossible to tell just by looking at photographs of these times, but many women in this time were very choosy about their hair, choosing to have short locks and then, in their later lives, choose to have longer, wavy or even curly locks. They may have kept the hair closely cropped or simple, but, for the most part, there is no escaping the long hair, especially if you consider the popularity of the weaves and cornrows.

There are some women who choose to keep their long, naturally long hairstyles 1920s because of their choice of accessories. A woman in her thirties will find her choice of hats, scarves and hats to be incredibly important in the styles of her hair, and it is also likely that they will have a very high amount of hair extensions to accompany this look. It is clear that the 1920s hairstyles of this time will continue to influence women’s hairstyles 1920s into the future, and, hopefully, they will never change, but as time goes on they may become less popular.

Cool Looks From the Twentieth Century

If you are searching for some fun and funky hairstyles in the 1920s, you will certainly want to take a look at some of these great ideas. With all the crazy colors and cuts that are available today, it can be difficult to find a style that truly expresses your personality. So take some time, consider some of the best hairstyles 1920s of this period, and find one that you love the way it looks on you. And if you are wearing a wig, don’t worry; most people in the 1920s actually got their own real hair extensions!

The real thing in women’s hairstyles in the 1920s was definitely a lot more fun and creative than it had been in previous decades. In fact, many designers of hairstyles were quite inventive when it came to making hairstyles that were really appealing. It was actually quite common to see celebrities sporting their own unique hairstyles during the 1920s; Audrey Hepburn was no exception to this rule, wearing several different 1920s hairstyles that showed off her face and hair in interesting ways.