Teen Hairstyles – 14-Year-Old Hairstyles Girl

When selecting a teenage hairstyle, girls require something both fun and elegant. Braids and waves are great styles to consider when choosing their kind, and adding an adorable braided headband can complete her look perfectly.

Create the look of royalty with an effortless waterfall braid for an eye-catching Princess look that any teen can achieve in minutes! This timeless style is easy to reach, yet stunning.


Teen years can be a time of transition when girls no longer identify as children, yet haven’t quite reached young woman status. At this stage, they desire a style that fits their personality and is chic and sophisticated.

Braids offer an appealing option while protecting hair from harsh heat or styling tools. Box braids are popular among black teenage girls and can last up to six weeks, adding beads for an elevated twist. If your teen wants to add some detail to her braided look, consider interweaving two lace Dutch braids into a half-halo design using two lace Dutch braids. It’s simple and unique; even add a sparkly bow for more girly flair! This style would make an awesome prom look or particular event hairdo; use hairclips matching her school uniform color or favorite hue to maintain this neat style!

Natural Hairstyles

At 13, girls find themselves at a critical crossroads between being young and becoming independent women. A chic hairstyle that embraces her natural curls will keep her looking adorable while reflecting the increased maturity she is beginning to display daily.

Make her try the adorable fro puff updo for a stylish yet effortless look. Start by moisturizing her locks before using a spray bottle filled with water to achieve that puffy effect, and finish by adding a ribbon or bow for extra flair!

A stylish yet easy hairstyle for natural strands is this lace Dutch braid. Best suited to girls with medium to long locks, this intricate style adds interest and texture to a sleek ponytail and could even be enhanced further with fun accessories like this polka dot headband!


Many girls are ready to experiment with their hair color at this age. A trendy silver hue looks stunning against dark locks, or maybethey would like a pop of brightness with balayage highlights toto brighten up blonde locks!

Texturized layers are an on-trend choice that adds dimension and dimension to a short pixie cut. This style works for any face shape and can even be an updo option suitable for formal dances, choir/band concerts, and after-school parties.

A cascading waterfall braid adds the perfect feminine flair to any cute, girlish style. This look works beautifully on any hair length and can even be decorated with a decorative flower for extra flair!

Tightly twisted space buns are an easy and adorable style for any hair type, ideal for adding volume. They look particularly significant on girls with oval, pear, or square face shapes; try pairing yours with an updo for special events, or add color with highlights throughout the crown of your head to keep things casual!