Top 10 Hairstyles For 10-Year-Olds

Raising young girls can be exciting and demanding; to make the experience even more pleasurable, why not add an attractive hairdo that speaks to their individuality?

1. Braided Zigzag Pigtails

Try braided zigzag pigtails, which are easy to style and make a stunning statement.

2. Short Pineapple Braids

Opt for short pineapple braids that allow readjustments while working well with accessories.

3. Snipped Pixie Cut

Short pixie cuts offer endless styling possibilities for 10-year-old girls. Add side bangs or sleek straight locks for different looks.

4. Crisscross Cornrows

Crisscross cornrows are elegant and perfect for summer as they keep strands off the neck and face.

5. Crinkle Curls

Crimp or curl hair using an iron and apply styling spray for cute and secure crinkle curls.

6. Braid Out

A heat-free styling technique that adds volume and definition to natural curl patterns. Perfect for accessorizing.

7. Two Sides

A formal and eye-catching mohawk hairstyle with a whole pile of braids for formal events.

8. Elegant Crisscross Cornrows

Upgrade regular pigtails with elegant crisscross cornrows that add flair and an eye-catching finish.

9. Unicorn Twintails

Simple and complementary to any outfit, unicorn twin-tails emphasize natural hair color.

10. Half-Shaved Undercut

An eye-catching look with braids created by applying gel and braiding the locks.

11. Jumbo Twists

Add color and style to jumbo twists with colored beads or tin foil for a unique and standout look.

12. Chic Braided Zigzag Mohawk Braids

Ideal for long, natural black hair, this chic style is easy to manage and makes a statement.

13. Pineapple Bun

A seductive and fashionable hairstyle for any formal event or casual gathering.

14. Stylish and Fun Braided Style

Create a beautiful braided style by parting the hair and creating a fishtail braid.

15. High Ponytail

A crisscross cornrows look that showcases a unique fashion sense and individual personality.

16. Two-Strand Twisted Mohawks

Pair two-strand twisted mohawks with colorful scrunchies and beads for an adorable and fashionable ensemble.