Gigi Hadid OK With Zayn Malik’s Bald Head

Is Gigi Hadid OK with Zayn’s bald head? The actress-model recently approved of his new look. This article will tell you what inspired his new hair style and what she thinks of his new look. Also, find out why she likes zayn’s new ‘do. And read on for a few fun facts about Zayn. Gigi Hadid Is Okay With Zayn’s Bald Head!

Gigi Hadid approves of zayn’s new look


Gigi Hadid approves of Zayn Malik’s new look! The singer and model was recently spotted leaving Gigi Hadid’s flat with a new look! The singer swapped his violet locks for silvery blue highlights! He sported a new ‘do and sported a drool-face emoji in the process!


Gigi Hadid’s latest look is quite different from her former one. The singer has recently ditched his trademark beard, which he first sported during his early twenties. The emoji-themed haircut he’s sporting is one of the most popular fashion trends of the year. Zayn is also wearing a pair of new sunglasses in his new Instagram photo.


In the music video for his latest single, “Pillowtalk,” Gigi Hadid was one of the first models to wear a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes designed exclusively for the singer. The model also wore a fluorescent green sweatshirt with cutout letters that revealed a hint of midriff. She completed the look with distressed skinny jeans and mirrored sunglasses.


The singer’s new look was first revealed via his Instagram account. It had been a month since the singer shared any photos of himself with the public. He wore a black leather jacket, a pair of sunglasses, and a full beard. The new look came as a shock to fans and he also claimed that his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, approves of his new look.

Will Farrell’s title character inspired zayn’s new style


Will Farrell’s film The Lego Movie has spawned a new style and a new song. The film was a critical success and has a release date that Warner Bros. confirmed on Friday. While the title character in the film was a lovable character, Zayn was inspired by the new style of his film. In this interview, the duo talk about how the film has influenced their new look.

Gigi Hadid’s reaction to zayn’s bald head


The fashion designer Gigi Hadid’s reaction to Zayn’s bald head is priceless. The singer is no stranger to hair-changing fads, and his latest shaved head is no exception. He’s posted a photo of himself with Gigi Hadid, accompanied by his mum Trisha. The model captioned the photo with three heart emojis, and fans are freaking out.


Gigi Hadid’s response to Zayn’s bald head is a sign that the couple is still very much in love, despite the recent news. The model appeared to share a kiss with her boyfriend while strolling through New York City on Sunday. While public lip-locks can certainly fuel the gossip mill, the couple’s relationship rumor mill is also likely to continue to run rampant. Zayn recently showed off his new hairstyle as a way to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid.


Zayn Malik’s new look has made headlines around the world. In a recent Instagram post, the singer revealed that he has tattoos all over his body. His tattoos include a black rose behind his right ear and a giant wolf on his chest. But the most recent tattoo he revealed was of his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, which triggered a reaction from the fashion industry.