How to Style Wispy Hair

Wispy hair provides an elegant touch to any haircut and pairs well with different textures, lengths, and color combinations. Wispy locks also frame your face in a feminine and soft fashion. Pair straight, wispy bangs with a bob cut for maximum visual impact and flattery on all facial structures to achieve an elegant and contemporary hairstyle. This combination makes for stunning looks.

Messy Bun

One of the more popular messy bun hairstyles, this look is ideal for anyone seeking to keep their locks up and away from their face. Curly and kinky locks look especially lovely with this style. Try using leave-in cream on flyaways before gathering strands into a ponytail to give this style even more body. For added volume, you could tease at the bun’s base and free some strands to frame your face. This style could be ideal if you’re searching for an easy and cute hairstyle to try on busy weekdays or relaxing weekends.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are an effortless yet chic hairstyle. Achievable using both hot tools and no-heat techniques, beach waves look fantastic on all hair lengths. Use a volumizing product to lift your curls for an added defined effect. Doing it alone doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming – achieving this effortless beach wave look can be accomplished painlessly by creating tightly twisted bantu knots and leaving them to dry overnight, then untwisting them the following morning, and you are good to go! This technique is perfect for adding beachy waves to blonde strands while protecting the ends of your hair. Or you could create this beachy wave hairstyle by wrapping sections of hair around a flat iron and gently brushing out waves before spraying on shine-enhancing finishing spray for additional light reflection.

Messy Updo

This messy updo is perfect for creating an effortlessly chic and classy look, yet it can add some edge depending on how much backcombing is performed. Add a crown braid for more intricate design elements and softer styling options – great for either workdays or formal events! This style works for any occasion! This hairstyle is the ideal way to show off your gorgeous highlights. If you have thicker locks, add loose curls for added volume. For an additional glam touch, add flowers or hairpieces into the style for an opulent finish. It would make an excellent style choice for spring garden parties; additionally, it works beautifully when worn with simple sundresses or floral midi skirts.


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