What is White Hair Colour?

White hair occurs when our follicles lose pigment. Although genetics is usually the culprit, an overactive thyroid can also trigger premature whitening of hair follicles and accelerate this process.

Opt for incredible white blonde with icy baby lights to easily blend your roots and highlight this look. Low maintenance requirements apply here, making this ideal for any skin tone – however, you must commit to regular salon appointments to maintain this style.

An absence of pigmentation and melanin causes Natural White hair as we age (see graying). If you prefer keeping your whites looking natural and healthy without covering up their appearance with dyes, there are numerous solutions available; try highlighting or balayage to disguise your white hairs, or inquire with your stylist about color glossers that could prevent brassiness.

One solution for natural and semi-permanent hair color options is ONC’s natural semi-permanent dye and conditioner in one, free from PPDs linked with bladder cancer and lung, kidney, and nervous system damage. The heat from a blow dryer opens cuticles instead, making this option safer for your scalp and your health.

Try pairing platinum blonde hair dye and pixie cuts together for an eye-catching combination. This striking combination will blend naturally as your locks grow out; use wet, dry volumizing gel so your textured styles stay separated!


White hair can be stunning, but it may not suit everyone. While its cool hue best compliments people with cooler skin tones, this doesn’t preclude warm-toned individuals from rocking this look; simply by adding warm pink highlights or streaks such as Blackpink’s Rose to soften its appearance and add depth and dimension.

If you’re not quite ready to bleach your hair, try a temporary toner like Manic Panic Virgin Snow for a more natural solution than salon toners; these should last about two weeks, depending on how often you wash and what products are used.

If you lighten your hair, be prepared for extra maintenance requirements. White blondes fade quickly and can become brassy over time, so regular appointments and quality products tailored specifically for colored hair must be attended. Furthermore, white blonde hair tends to be more vulnerable to damage and dryness than other colors, so extra deep conditioning treatment should be utilized to protect it.


Many individuals experience a gradual loss of pigmentation that leads to their hair turning white over time, typically as they age and due to genetics; however, treating any underlying health conditions could potentially restore pigmentation to the hair follicles.

White blonde hair looks beautiful against cool-toned complexions yet can quickly fade and become brassy without proper care and maintenance. Regular deep conditioning treatments and color glossers will keep their best appearance.

If you want to darken your white hair, use a professional salon product designed for covering grey. These semi-permanent dyes can be found at many beauty supply stores; follow the directions on the package carefully and always conduct a test patch application to a small, inconspicuous area on your scalp before proceeding further with the coloring process. Wear gloves as this process could stain both hands and clothing as well.


Bleaching is one of the most effective ways to lighten your hair. By stripping away dark pigments, bleaching reveals lighter strands beneath. Bleaching also plumps individual hair strands for thicker and fuller locks if done incorrectly; however, bleaching poses potential risks that could damage your locks without proper precaution.

Before bleaching your hair, coconut oil should be applied to its roots for reduced risk and faster results. Furthermore, after bleaching has finished, using a nourishing mask or conditioner may help revive and repair damaged locks.

Remember that you will require multiple bleach applications to achieve your desired white-blonde shade. Always aim for consistent lift levels of 10 when bleaching; this will eliminate yellow pigments and produce an appealing, natural-looking blonde tone.