What Is Low Porosity Hair?

What is low porosity hair? This is a question asked by many people interested in wigs, wigs and hair styling. Low porosity Hair means that isn’t as holdable as other types of hair. If that extensions are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or acrylic they won’t hold onto that as well. If that is made from natural human hair such as European Hair or African hair, you’ll have very good Hair quality. So what is low porosity hair anyway?

In order to understand what is low porosity Hair and how can we remedy this problem then you must first know what is hair porosity and how it affects Hair structure. That consists of three layers: the hair shaft, the hair strands, and the cortex. The outermost layer of that is known as the cuticle and consists of small scales such as shingles on an old roof. If you suffer from low porosity hair then the Hair strands lie very tightly bound together and develop a coarse texture.

What is Low Porosity Hair?

A low porosity hair means that that is prone to breakage, split ends and frizziness. You can remedy all of these issues with Modern design ideas. First, you want to make sure that you get a cut that suits your face shape. If your face is round or has an oval shape then you will most likely want to go with a side part, choppy bangs or a side swept design. If that falls on the sides like I do then you will want a topknot that sweeps to one side and a choppy side parting. Side swept designs are also good for people who have very long hair and those who want their hair off of their face.