How to Style a Wavy hair Perm

Overview: Wavy perms can add volume and thickness to finer strands but can also damage your hair.

Types of Wavy Perms: Consider a body wave perm for loose beach waves or spot perming for targeted curls in specific areas.

Inspiration Photos: Bring in pictures to ensure you achieve your desired look.

African Braid Hairstyle

Stylish and Protective: African braids are fashionable and offer scalp protection.

Adding Beads: Enhance the look with beads for an eye-catching effect.

Creative Expression: African braids allow for creative expression and can be styled into high buns or ponytails.

Combining Styles: Mix small invisible braids with crochet or Senegalese twists for stunning Lemonade braid patterns.

Historical Significance: African braids originated to honor African heritage and became an important cultural tradition.

Wavy Frizzy Hairstyle

Soft Waves without Daily Styling: Consider a wavy hair perm as an alternative to daily styling for long locks.

Texture and Body: Create texture by applying texturizing spray to damp hair and securing it in a low ponytail.

Light Color Wash: Add a soft color wash to highlight the beautiful texture of your wavy locks.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Volume and Texture: Wavy bobs add volume and texture to fine hair.

Silver Elegance: The silver color of a wavy bob adds an elegant touch to any look.

Layers and Wispy Curtain Bangs: Enhance the bob with layers and wispy bangs for a charming style.

Ideal for Naturally Curly Hair: Wavy perms can be a time-saving option for those with naturally curly locks.

Wavy Curly Hairstyle

Effortlessly Stylish: Wavy locks with a mix of waves and straight strands are beautiful and easy to style.

hair Mask Treatment: Use a hair mask to strengthen hair, reduce frizz, and restore shine.

Lightweight Balm: Apply a lightweight balm to enhance the definition of your waves.

Short Wavy Locks: Consider a pixie cut with long layers for an undone yet stylish look.