Wavy Braiding Hair – How to Get Flowing Waves That Last All Day

Wavy locks can create an irresistibly stylish look in just a few easy steps. Instead of using curling irons to achieve this style, try braiding your locks to achieve flowing waves.

Start with freshly washed, center-parted hair that is still slightly damp. Brush out any tangles to make styling simpler.

Overnight Braids

Donning waves with heat-based styling tools can be easier for women with naturally straight locks and is a major source of frustration for many. Instead of spending hours combing and brushing through their locks (which could potentially break strands), why not sleep in braids to achieve flowing waves that will last all day long?

Based on your braid size, number of strands per section, and natural hair texture, overnight braids may last several days or weeks without restrung. A texturizing spray or mousse may help reduce frizz if necessary.

Fishtail braids and Dutch braids both produce uniform waves; for more of a beachy appearance, the rope braid can create different-sized waves that give more volume to your hair. Plus, this style takes only minutes to do! To begin this braid style successfully, start with clean damp hair that has been gently detangled. Detangle each section before installing your braids for the best results.

French Braids

Wavy braids offer an easy way to achieve long-term waves without incurring heat damage from curling irons. To achieve this look, start with clean and dry hair separated into three even sections before braiding it together.

Grab the first section from the center of your head, and begin braiding a French braid by crossing the right strand over the middle strand. Add density by taking some hair from the left side and adding it to the center section of your braid.

Continue this process on the left and right sections, adding new strands to create a full French braid that covers your entire head. When finished, tie off the end with an elastic band before curling it for a wavy look. Adding colored strings gives a unique style perfect for vacations or summer nights out!

Micro Braids

Micro braids offer an effortless yet low-maintenance style solution, making styling easy. Your stylist will part your hair into horizontal sections using the tail end of a rat-tail comb or clippers before binging-tightly bring each section into tight braids that can be secured using hair elastics or bobby pins for secure styling.

Curling braids is an easy way to add dimension and an antique feel. Or try tying micro braids into pigtails for an adorable throwback look!

Maintain a healthy, moisturized scalp when wearing micro braids with products featuring botanical oils like moringa and rice water to soothe itching. Apply this scalp treatment regularly to remove product build-up and avoid itching; do this only twice weekly to minimize unnecessary tangling and breakage; when washing frequently, be sure to use only gentle shampoo without harsh sulfates and harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES, etc.

Wavy Box Braids

Those who desire wavy locks while wanting neat braids can add curly strands to their box braids for an adorable, stylish look. This style works exceptionally well if your braids have short sections, adding extra movement and giving the braids some zesty bounce!

For this style, you will require wavy braiding hair that complements the natural texture of your locks. To prepare this hair for braiding, feather it using your fingers – this will remove blunt ends while softening up its surface, making braiding much simpler!

Once your hair is divided into four sections with the help of a rat tail comb, use box braids within each one for more volume and volume. Wet each braided area with water before using your hands to form desired curl size and size. Adding hair products such as Dove Amplified Texture Shine