Updos For Curly Hair

Bring out the natural texture of your curly locks by including some loose tendrils in an updo style. This look is romantic and adds an attractive splash of personality!

High Crown Low Bun

One of the best updos for curly hair is a low bun with face-framing strands tucked beneath, as this style adds volume and texture while creating an air of romance reminiscent of bridal wear. A veil provides an easy yet elegant solution.


Sisterlocks make for an eye-catching bridal hairstyle, thanks to their versatility. Your stylist can style them into a stunning braided updo or incorporate them into a half up half-up-half-down look for maximum impact and eye-catching appeal – an eye-catcher sure to catch guests’ attention and perfect for those wanting an alternative element in their wedding look.

Two-Toned Curls

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with two-tone hair, a high ponytail is an elegant way to showcase your exquisite ringlets. Start by choosing a natural shade and gradually transitioning into your second color until the shift doesn’t look abrupt; this combination works particularly well on women with thick or textured locks as it simultaneously shows both length and volume.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are an elegant choice for curly wedding hairstyles. Introduce light blonde hues into your locks before layering in dark brown highlights to achieve a dramatic yet subtle effect – this combination works best on women with medium-length locks. Add an extra touch to your bridal style by pinning half of your curls back with a sparkly hairpiece and finishing it with a crown of flowers to show off your elegant style and the beauty of your curly locks. This playful updo will highlight both of these attributes!

Braided Bun

A simple chignon bun is a timeless bridal updo that works well for most brides with curly locks. It accentuates your curves while giving off a sultry, glamorous vibe, adding volume to this style and increasing its aesthetic value. Additionally, flowers can add extra beauty. Make this updo even more elaborate by asking your hairstylist to create an intricate braid at the crown – this will keep any flyaways at bay and display your beautiful color. Add dimension and turn heads with your chignon bun by pulling out some tendrils and pinning them to either side of your face, framing your features while also turning heads. Pinped tendrils will look incredibly stunning with ombre or balayage hair – you could even pin flower buds or gajras into this hairstyle for added character!

Messy Braids and Curls

For an informal yet elegant style, try a side twist. Gather some tendrils along your side for face-framing purposes and tuck them behind your ear if desired – adding flowers if you wish can further embellish this hairstyle – perfect for wedding guests with medium-length or longer locks! This easy bridal hairstyle looks particularly lovely. Another fantastic updo style for curly hair is a sophisticated braided updo knot that looks sophisticated and refined. It draws attention away from your curls to your face while adding flair with floral hair clips or accessories that complete this style.