Top 5 Up Do Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Rather than let thick hair weigh you down, use it to your advantage by styling your locks into an eye-catching updo. Utilize your natural volume for this beautiful half-updo that works great at night parties and date nights when worn with knee-length dresses.

Adding an Eye-Catching Detail to Your Ponytail

Adding an eye-catching detail to your ponytail, such as a braided wrap or classic claw clip, can set it apart.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is an effortless updo that can quickly be created for any special event or professional engagement, providing grace and charm with its casual yet formal style. Its versatility is perfect for weddings and other legal affairs and makes it suitable for professional arrangements due to flower buds or ribbon accents.

Side Braid

If you have long hair and are searching for an effortless yet stylish style to maintain, side braids may be just what’s needed. Choose a straightforward or intricate braid design and secure it using pins – the style is excellent as a workout hairstyle and great for beach and music festivals! To create an eye-catching style, combine two side braids into a heart on top of your head by intertwining two braids to form this charming hairstyle. Perfect for weddings and formal events!

Spiral Curls

This stunning style is ideal for curly locks of all lengths, yet particularly impressive on chin-length strands. Elizabeth’s tightly packed and delicately long ringlets can be mimicked using a smaller diameter curling rod and by altering the size and spacing of spirals throughout your crown area. Opt for a lightweight hair mousse that won’t weigh down your coils to prevent frizzing.

High Bun

The High Bun is elegant, ideal for straight and wavy locks alike. Add glamorous accessories for added flare on special occasions. To create this style, apply some mousse to your locks and backcomb it at the front to give a slight pouf. Gather all your locks into a high ponytail using bobby pins before twisting out to loosen its form before finishing with some hairspray for good measure. This classic updo is an ideal wedding option, fitting both boho-chic and formal styles well. Customize it further by adding flowers or ribbons for an added customized and individual style statement.