The Best Undercut Hairstyle For Men

A traditional undercut style for men is an easy way to add some edginess to your look and it’s simple to achieve! The undercut style is also known as a military style and is simply a shorter haircut with an angled cut. While it may not be the most muscular of haircuts for men, it still offers a neat, modern appearance to men with medium to long hair. Just like the classic military Haircuts that we all know and love, the undercut can also be easily adapted to fit a variety of looks. Here are some Modern design ideas to try out:

Overcut Styles For Men

Many men consider the undercut style a “trendy” look, and there are many “tweens” out there who can’t get enough of it. The haircut is best suited for men who have a very defined facial shape – short topped hair works best in most situations and should be kept clean and tidy, otherwise you’ll find your face looking bushy all the time. You may also choose to dye that a different color if you’d prefer a trendy style, but it’s always good to go for the cleanest, freshest look possible, no matter what. This type of Haircut can be best worn with clothing in softer tones, such as brown, gray and black. There is very little else to the cut, and it is appropriate for all ages – whether you’re young old, or in between.