Icy Blonde:

Like a frosty vanilla-frosted donut, this trendy blonde shade looks beautiful on most skin tones. Wear it as an allover hue or use it in balayage or ombre techniques; celebrities are already trying it! This trending hair color works particularly well against dark roots – many celebrities have already adopted this hue!

Icy blonde highlights can look fantastic on any short hair length. For added dramatism, try incorporating these highlights with a blunt cut style, making your locks appear fuller while providing you with an adorable face frame.

An icy blonde shade requires multiple bleaching sessions to remove any warmth in the base color; therefore, if your mane is darker, reamay the shade you desire might take longer. You will also require regular application of purple conditioner and toners to maintain vibrant strands with an icy hue.

Chestnut Blonde:

Chestnut hair is a warm-toned shade between blonde and brunette on the color spectrum. Its golden or yellow undertones add warmth, while reddish tones add depth.

Finding a chestnut brown shade that complements your skin tone shouldn’t be hard, whether fair or dark-skinned. Darker chestnut shades like espresso can be natural alternatives to your brunette hue. In contrast, lighter hues such as caramel or cappuccino may work better for those with naturally more golden locks.

For an effortless, low-maintenance look, ask your stylist to create a subtle blend of chestnut brown and blonde balayage highlights around the face to frame it and add an extra dimension with touches of bronze in the mix. It is an excellent solution for those afraid of bleaching their entire head, as the balayage will gradually transition into chestnut without creating a pronounced line – giving a seamless gradient effect!

Copper Blonde:

If you’re a redhead looking to change things up, why not experiment with copper blonde? This smoky orange-brown hue has more warmth than auburn, with richer copper tones mixed in alongside subdued brown tones for a more subtle appearance that complements warm skin tones and clothing worn over them. It suits warm skin tones, mainly if your makeup and clothing contain similar hues.

If your hair is blonde, adding copper highlights can give it some dimension. Your stylist can add them subtly for you, or you can do it yourself using a highlight kit from home – but make sure that a product like Matrix Dark Envy Toning Shampoo neutralizes red hues before beginning this step!

Copper brown hair makes a striking statement when styled into beach waves, creating an eye-catching style for long-haired girls with beautiful locks. A curling wand can help create regular strands while adding an eye-catching deep side part makes this style all the more stylish.

Honey Blonde:

Honey blonde gives you that just-off-the-beach look while adding an authentic golden tone. Perfect for light to medium skin tones seeking something warmer with their blonde hue. Wear all over or use highlights and lowlights to achieve the ideal sun-kissed look for your complexion.

Highlights that complement your natural hair shade are vital to creating a subdued honey-blonde effect. Try beachy highlights in a loose face-framing bob for an attractive style that complements fair or tanned skin tones.

Gigi Hadid and J.Lo are two of the queens of honey blonde, proving that this color looks fantastic on all complexions. Both stars sport classic ombre styles ranging from golden brown to light honey blonde that combines warm and cool tones seamlessly for the ideal mix of cool tones, an ideal solution for anyone wanting a change but doesn’t have the guts for an immediate transformation.