How to Wear the Takuache Hairstyle

If you want a chic yet edgy look, consider trying the Edgar haircut. This style combines elements from both Caesar cuts with high fades and has an eye-catching straight fringe on the forehead – ideal for any special event or casual wear! This haircut will look fantastic.

Origin and Popularity

This style originated within Mexican-American communities and quickly gained popularity through social media. It features a high fade with long locks on top that can be styled in either comb-over or pompadour fashion for added versatility.

Short Bald Fade

Add a short bald fade to your Edgar haircut for an eye-catching and unique style. It works great on any type of hair, from curly or straight. Additionally, adding a beard will complete this style and help define the fringe line on the forehead.

Takuache Style hair Cuts

Takuache style hair cuts, also known as Mexican Caesar cuts or hood bowls, offer an eye-catching and uninhibited style perfect for young people who wish to stand out in the crowd. Part of Latin American subculture, these trends have quickly become fashionable among the youth of today and make a statement. A great option for guys wanting something different that stands out.

Short Line Up

A short line up can add definition and emphasis to any Edgar cut, as well as make the haircut appear sharper. Furthermore, its easy upkeep makes this style ideal for wavy locks; and pairs perfectly when worn alongside beards sporting similar line ups.

Messy Wavy Hair

Men with wavy hair can style their locks in many ways. For an easygoing and relaxing style, try styling it messy by simply tousling the strands of hair using your hands before spraying on some hairspray to achieve Farrah Fawcett-esque texture. This style gives men with wavy locks a variety of options when it comes to their styling options.

Chiseled Hairline

Takuache haircut is a style popular among Latin American youth. Also known as Edgar Cut or Cuh Cut, its popularity is now spreading into Europe and North America. Takuache belongs to a subculture and associated with specific lifestyle characteristics: wearers typically dress in American fighter shirts, expensive jeans and boots as well as wear hats; they frequently listen to trap music while driving large trucks. This versatile style can be faded or tapered for a more formal appearance, and even dyed to add some flair! This style works best on curly locks, though it may require regular upkeep from your barber to maintain. Its distinctive chiseled hairline will draw many admiring glances – well worth the investment for guaranteed admiration from others!