What is a Tlacuache haircut?

A tlacuache haircut is a cool style for any man with curly hair. This hairstyle looks great with a Caesar cut. You will need frequent visits to your barber to keep this style looking fresh. Although there are no strict restrictions on hair types, curly hair is best for this style. A line up along the hairline enhances the overall look. If you want to try this hairstyle but don’t know where to start, check out the video below.

tlacuache is a slang term for a person who likes three things – dropped trucks


In Spanish, tlacuache is a neologism for a truck driver. It means “Truth” and “preach on.” Cheech Marin used this greeting in his 1987 film, Born in East L.A., which explains the etymology of the term. But, tlacuache is not as funny as it sounds.



A tlacuache haircut is a style that is popular among celebrities and truckers alike. This short, choppy haircut is based on the ‘Edgar’ hairstyle and is commonly worn by men in their twenties and thirties. It is short and coarse, and can create a cool style when combined with the right accessories. There are many types of tlacuache haircuts and all have their own pros and cons.



This new style of men’s haircut is quickly becoming popular. The name is not only a nod to the style of this t-shirt, but also to certain looks that men tend to favor. In the Urban Dictionary, a tlacuache is someone who dresses in an American fighter shirt, wears a hat, has his ears pierced, and drives a dropped Chevy Silverado.

tlacuache is a person that dresses in American fighter shirts


Tlacuache is a word that’s catching on. It describes the look of certain types of guys, from the haircut they wear to the way they drive their cars. According to the Urban dictionary, a tlacuache is a person who dresses in American fighter shirts, sports hats, has their ears pierced, and drives a dropped Chevy Silverado.

tlacuache is a person that wears expensive jeans


If you’re in Mexico, you know what a tlacuache is. In Mexico, you might be calling a guy a tlacuache or a woman a zarigueya. In South America, you’re probably calling a possum, a carachupa, or a fara. Whatever you call them, they have one thing in common: they don’t wear cheap jeans.

tlacuache is a person that wears a full beard


A tlacuache is a person who wears a full beard. The term “tlacuache” means “full beard” in Spanish. Tlacuaches are Native Americans from Mexico and Central America who often wear full beards. This style is not limited to Mexicans and is also embraced in many other cultures. While there are many reasons to wear a full beard, here are the main types of full beards.

tlacuache is a man


A man with a tlacuache hairstyle is known as a takuache in Mexico. This haircut is characterized by layers and a bowl shape, though it’s not quite a bowl cut. The fringe is short, but its upward-facing shape makes it worth having. The name tlacuache, which translates to “big rat,” comes from a marsupial species with webbed feet.

tlacuache is a Mexican version of a Caesar cut


The tlacuache is a Mexican-inspired version of the classic ‘Caesar’ cut. This style is characterized by a straight line of fringe across the forehead and is popular among Latino teenagers. It is also a great choice for guys with curly hair. If you’re interested in learning more about this Mexican style, read on.