Tips on how to find the best direct selling weight loss products

How to Find the Best Direct Selling Weight Loss Products


Isagenix is an American weight loss and health products company. Their wide selection of whey protein shakes, snacks and herbal supplements claims to aid ‘nutritional cleansing’ for greater health, energy levels, and weight loss. Isagenix uses multi-level marketing as their method for selling its products.

People who buy Isagenix products can sell them to other people and earn commissions off these sales. Unfortunately, CHOICE has been approached by numerous individuals concerned with the unqualified advice being offered by Isagenix sellers on social media – suggesting their program can help treat conditions like asthma, anxiety, and insomnia.

However, according to Isagenix Australia’s spokesperson, most individuals who purchase Isagenix products don’t make a full-time income through sales of this type. According to the company’s claims, an average Australian Isagenix distributor makes less than $500 a month from sales alone – this amount may seem small but still represents more income than some make while working full time!


Nutrisystem was established in 1972 as a food delivery service that provides customized meal plans for weight loss. Customers can select their plan online and receive pre-packaged meals directly to their homes. Furthermore, unlike other meal delivery services, Nutrisystem allows its customers to supplement the delivered foods with grocery store purchases of their own – something which helps lower costs as well as making diet programs more palatable.

Nutrisystem offers an assortment of protein and vegetable-rich meals. Their low-glycemic products give energy while helping maintain stable blood sugar levels. In addition, these options contain fewer calories than typical processed food products.

One of the key considerations when looking for meal-delivery diet plans is their money-back guarantee. Nutrisystem offers a seven-day money-back guarantee on its plans to give customers a chance to try the diet before committing. Their mobile app, NuMi, comes free with every plan and allows users to monitor progress by recording food intake, water consumption, activity level changes, and weight changes over time.