How To Choose The Right Thick Hair Mens Haircuts

If you have thick hair, there are several types of mens haircuts for thick hair you can choose from. These include Undercuts, Crew cuts, Shags, and a high pompadour. The best choice depends on your hair type and your personal preferences. Here are some tips to make your Hairstyle look great.

Undercuts with a hard part

Hard part haircuts are classic men’s hairstyles that create a more prominent Hair part. They are a great way to update an old favorite and add a touch of polish to your look. Hard parts are no longer just for G.I.s, and can be a great way to update any style. Usually a hard part is less than 4 inches in length, with a skin fade at the back.

If you have thick hair, a hard part Haircut can be a great way to create a more defined look. Hard parts can be very hard to achieve, but they are one of the most flattering Hairstyle for thick-haired men. Creating a hard part with this hairstyle requires a barber with excellent cutting skills. It is important to bring a picture of the look you want to achieve, as well as ask about the care and maintenance. This cut also looks great when you add salt-and-pepper facial Hair to your hair.

Another trend for thick-haired men is the disconnected undercut. It reduces the weight of the hair and keeps it from looking unmanageable. This also helps make daily hair maintenance easier, since there is less hair to deal with.


Men with thick hair can try shags in several styles, including the classic fade and the curly shag with bangs. Both styles are versatile enough to suit different face shapes. To make thick hair look its best, try to layer it with bangs and add some extra volume with a hair spray.

The shag haircut is suitable for all hair types, including thick hair. It is low-maintenance and accentuates the face. This short hairstyle can be styled with volume mousse and blow-drying, and it looks great regardless of your hair type. Whether your hair is wavy or straight, a shag will accentuate your features.

Men with thick hair can also try long shags. They can look cool with thick straight hair, and they give off an edgy rock star vibe. However, long shags require more care and styling. You can use styling creams or sea salt to add shine to your shaggy locks. If you don’t want to do all these things, you can always leave your hair messy and untidy.

The shag hairstyle has become very popular in the 1970s, thanks to the legendary rock band The Beatles. The shag style was extremely popular and became a rage among men. It is easy to maintain and suits men of different ages and professions.

Crew cut

A classic crew cut with a taper fade is a great look for businessmen. The sides and top of the hair are short and tapered, making this style great for all face shapes. A short crew cut is popular because it reduces maintenance and styling. If you have thick hair, you can add a little texture to the cut by using a pomade to create a slightly messy, cool look.

A crew cut allows your hair to stay in place without a lot of work, and it’s also incredibly comfortable to maintain. Some of your favorite celebrities have worn crew cuts, including Pete Wentz and Nick Jonas. Pete Wentz’s crew cut is especially cool, as it’s a crew cut with a point cut finish. A point cut is a classic crew cut, but it has the added advantage of providing an edgy, cool look to the tips. This style also accentuates the hair upward with texture and a disheveled look.

A comb-over hairstyle is another great option for men with thick hair. A side-fade is often added to give this style more contrast and definition. It also looks great with a low fade and a perfectly groomed beard.

Shags with a high pompadour

If you have thick hair, this high pompadour shaved style is for you. This cut keeps the sides short while leaving the top long. This style will complement your masculine appearance and will add texture to your locks. You can enhance the look of this shaved haircut by adding some matte products to your hair. They will add extra hold, volume, and curl definition. Also, you can add a faded side part to add contrast.

A high pompadour looks great on men with all types of face shapes. A high pompadour is most effective with thick hair, which has more volume in the front area. For this reason, it’s best to cut the front area of your hair longer than the back, as this will support the weight of the shaved style.

If you’re planning to wear this high pompadour style, you need to make sure to wash your hair properly before styling it. First, you need to wash your hair thoroughly, as this will prepare it for manipulation. Then, apply hair styling products like pomade or paste. Rub the styling products between your palms to warm them up and distribute them evenly on your hair.

A high pompadour hairstyle can be flattering for men with thick hair. It will give your hair an edgy, modern look. This hairstyle works well for both short and long hair. If you have a wide forehead, you should let your fringe fall naturally. To make it look more natural, you can use a light product for the length of your hair.


Undercuts for thick hair men are a great way to add drama to your appearance. These styles play with lengths and textures to add a macho edge. For instance, a side undershave with an extra long top hairstyle looks dramatic and ultra-edgy. If you have a long face, you may want to go with a long top flat. A taper fade is also a good option. You can also incorporate carved designs into your hairstyle.

One popular option is the curly mop. This style is not what most people think of when they think of thick hair, and it requires a lot of attention and care to maintain. To give it a bit of volume, you can add tapered sides and a bit of curls in the front.

Another great choice for guys with thick hair is an undercut quiff. This style is popular among men with thick hair and works for many facial features. It also highlights the contrast in hair length. However, it is important to ensure that the hairstyle is long enough to cover the forehead. The undercut quiff looks best on guys with long or wide faces, but you can also try a gradual fade or taper for a more understated finish.

If you want to keep the style simple, try an undercut on the back or side of your head. These styles can work for any face shape, but remember to take your facial shape into consideration before getting a haircut. For example, men with angular faces look best with angular styles, while men with round or oval faces will look best with softer styles. You should consult a hairstylist for advice on the best option for your face shape.

Shags with a quiff

If you have thick hair, you can try a shag with a quiff. A quiff is a stylish hairstyle, and is often a good choice for men with thick hair. It’s low-maintenance and shows off the natural texture of the hair. You can add a bit of volume mousse and blow dry to get a great look. It also accentuates a woman’s face.

Shag haircuts have long layers on top and sides, and can be straight or wavy. The style suits both thick and thin hair. It’s a low-maintenance style that suits multiple lengths and is easy to maintain. This is the best hairstyle for men with thick hair because it allows men to wear it the way they like.

A quiff haircut gives men with thick hair a beachy vibe. The style needs minimal styling and can be layered. You can add bangs if you want. Another good option for men with thick hair is a fade. These men’s hairstyles are versatile and look good with any look. You can even wear them with a top knot or a light, crisp wave.

For men with thick hair, there are many shag styles that can look great. You can choose from a quiff with a quiff, a long shag with a quiff, or an edgy quiff. You can even go for a curly shag if your hair is wavy. This cut is a great option for men with thick hair.

Mens Haircuts For Thick Hair

There are several options when it comes to mens haircuts for thick hair. You can choose from different styles including undercuts with a hard part, long layers, razor-cut edges, and beach waves. You can also try blending two lengths together using texturizing scissors. This way, you’ll get a look that is a little different but still looks great.


Undercuts with a hard part

Undercuts with a hard part are perfect for thick hair men who are looking to maintain a more sophisticated look. A hard part adds softness to a short style, and it can also enhance the shape of a layered cut. This type of haircut is often accompanied by a faded side. This type of cut requires more maintenance than other types of haircuts, so you should plan on spending more time styling it.

The undercut with a hard part is a modern version of the classic fade. It draws attention to the spiky hairstyle on top and creates a unique contrast with the faded hairstyle. A hard part is also extremely versatile, meaning that you can switch up the look any time.

Undercuts with a hard part for men with thick hair have plenty of styling options. You can choose to slick back the top portion of your hair, or you can keep the sides long. The length of your hair is up to you, and you should use styling products to give it long-lasting hold.

A hard part is one of the most popular men’s haircuts. It can be added to any style ranging from a short cut to a man bun. It’s best to discuss the details with your barber, but this type of haircut requires a bit of maintenance at home and visits to your barber every few weeks. However, it will pay off in the long run, giving you a classy and distinguished look.

A hard part is a great way to update your favorite hairstyle and add some polish. The hard part is not more than 4 inches, and usually fades to the skin. It’s a simple haircut, but you can always add it to your existing style for an even more dramatic look.

Long layers with subtle highlights

Layers are a great way to add style to thick hair. You can choose to have them short, medium, or long and choose a style that compliments the shape of your face. Using subtle highlights is also a great way to create an illusion of thicker hair.

Long layers are also easy to style. You can wear them in a variety of different styles, from a simple bun to a sleek ponytail. A balayage color adds an extra twist to this look. Long layers look great with subtle highlights, but they don’t have to be subtle.

Long layers can be flipped up to create a flipped-up look. Using an extra-large round brush, flip up the layers to create the desired effect. This style adds volume and dimension without looking bulky. You can also go for a half-up, half-down look that hides your layers.

If you want a subtle highlight on your thick hair, you can combine several different colors in your hair. Chocolate-colored long layers can look very nice with caramel-hued highlights. You can also add a little extra to your long layers by adding a smaller curling iron.

Men with thick hair can choose from many hairstyles that are easy to style. A layered look is easy to keep up and provides a nonchalant finish. Just remember to choose your color wisely! Always consult a hair colorist when choosing a color for your hair, and be sure to check for any damage.

Bobs with razor-cut edges

One of the most flattering hairstyles for men with thick hair is a razor-cut stacked bob. This style is easy to achieve with the right amount of length and texture. Long layers with razor-cut edges thin the edges of the hair while leaving the fullness. To balance the style, add some blonde highlights for added texture and definition.

Before getting started, you’ll need to gather some basic tools. You’ll need a hair razor and a hair comb. The razor should be razor-sharp to get the perfect results. A dull blade will make the haircut more difficult. You’ll also need three hair ties to secure sections of hair. Using hair ties will keep sections of hair out of your face while you cut them.

If you’re feeling daring, you should try a staple razor bob. This is a modern cut with a short length. The shorter style makes it easier to manage and maintain. The shorter style makes it easier to create the style of your choice. While a staple bob looks perfect, you can also opt for an angled razor bob to incorporate more length around your face. The angled bob also has a slimming effect due to its length and face-framing pieces.

If you have a thick head, a chin-length bob can give you more control over your hair. Whether you have thick hair or thin, a chin-length bob will keep you looking cool and stylish. To add more volume, you can add layers or a side-parting for extra long fringe.

A subtle undercut can make your hair look edgy and stylish. It doesn’t remove too much volume from your head, and the edges are kept clean. A subtle undercut will also give you more flexibility. In addition, you can make your bob look more sophisticated with a shiny finish.

Beach waves with subtle highlights

Adding subtle highlights to thick hair can be an effective way to create an attractive look. Highlights will enhance the natural texture of the hair, and will make it look voluminous. Highlights will also make thick hair appear less heavy. A wavy lob with subtle highlights can work as a stylish alternative to a layered lob. The highlights will match the hair color while giving it a slight contrast.

To get beach waves, you can use a flat iron or a large barrel curling iron. These tools will stretch the hair and create waves that look natural and beachy. A big barrel curling iron with a 1.5-inch diameter will be the most effective tool for creating natural beach waves.