Long Hair Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair

Long layers can add dimension and texture to thick hair without taking away too much length. Furthermore, they help relieve some of the weight that makes styling difficult.

Textured Long Layers

Long layers effectively shed unwanted weight from thick locks, especially if they naturally fall thickly. Expertly razored layers create movement and dimension in any style – whether wavy, curly, or straight hair is used; all colors can benefit from this style!

Feathered chunky layers

Feathered chunky layers are an attractive option for thick hair long layered haircuts, as they resemble bird feathers and work well on any hair color. Wavy or curly locks will benefit significantly from this style for an upbeat, youthful appearance – particularly stunning against copper autumn hues or soft raspberry tones like those seen here.

Long Layers with Side Swept Bangs

Long layered haircuts are an excellent way to manage thick wavy locks because they help balance their weight. Layering and texture add depth, framing the face, and creating an invigorated appearance. To complete the look, have your stylist add long side-swept bangs.

Long Layers with Soft Highlights

Long hair layered haircuts provide you with many choices to enhance the style and volume of your locks. Layers work on all lengths, adding life and dimension to a dull mane. Furthermore, specific cuts have the power to make thin locks appear fuller.

Long Layers with Dramatic Layers

Long layers with dramatic texture can make thick locks truly beautiful, helping reduce bulk and create fullness in your tresses. Furthermore, this style makes styling your hair easy – try rocking a voluminous ponytail or crown updo with side-swept bangs to complement heart-shaped faces and help balance their shapes!

Choppy and Textured Style

If you want to add some edge and texture to your long layered haircut, try opting for a choppy, textured style. A texturizing spray can help give this haircut extra texture; scrunch them with your fingers for even greater volume and visual impact! It works exceptionally well on both curly and straight locks alike and works with any color.